Dramatis Personae

Fainall, in love with Mrs. Marwood - Mr. Betterton
Mirabell, in love with Mrs. Millamant - Mr. Verbruggen
Witwoud, Petulant, Followers of Mrs. Millamant - Mr. Bowen, Mr. Bowman
Sir Wilful Witwoud, Half-brother to Witwoud, and Nephew to Lady Wishfort - Mr. Underhill
Waitwell, Servant to Mirabell - Mr. Bright
Lady Wishfort, Enemy to Mirabell, for having falsely pretended love to her - Mrs. Leigh
Mrs. Millamant, a fine lady, Niece to Lady Wishfort, and loves Mirabell - Mrs. Bracegirdle
Mrs. Marwood, Friend to Mr. Fainall, and likes Mirabell - Mrs. Barry
Mrs. Fainall, Daughter to Lady Wishfort, and wife to Fainall, formerly friend to Mirabell - Mrs. Bowman
Foible, Woman to Lady Wishfort - Mrs. Willis
Mincing, Woman to Mrs. Millamant - Mrs. Prince

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