First Act

Scene: Morning-room of Lord Windermere’s house in Carlton House Terrace. Doors C. and R. Bureau with books and papers R. Sofa with small tea-table L. Window opening on to terrace L. Table R. [with fan on it]. Lady Windermere is at table R., arranging roses in a blue bowl. Enter Parker

Parker Is your ladyship at home° this afternoon?

Lady windermere Yes—who has called?

Parker Lord Darlington, my lady.

Lady windermere (hesitates for a moment) Show him up—and I’m at home to anyone° who calls.

Parker Yes, my lady.

Exit C.

Lady windermere It’s best for me to see him before tonight. I’m glad he’s come.

Enter Parker C.

Parker Lord Darlington.

Enter Lord Darlington C. Exit Parker

Lord Darlington How do you do, Lady Windermere? [offering to shake hands]

Lady windermere How do you do, Lord Darlington? No, I can’t shake hands° with you. My hands are all wet with these roses. Aren’t they lovely? They came up from Selby° this morning.

Lord Darlington They are quite perfect. (Sees a fan lying on the table.) And what a wonderful fan! May I look at it?

Lady windermere Do. Pretty, isn’t it! It’s got my name on it, and everything. I have only just seen it myself. It’s my husband’s birthday present to me. You know today is my birthday?

Lord Darlington No? Is it really?

Lady windermere Yes, I’m of age° today. Quite an important day in my life, isn’t it? That is why I am giving this party tonight. Do sit down.° (Still arranging flowers.)

Lord Darlington (sitting down) I wish I had known it was your birthday, Lady Windermere. I would have covered the whole street in front of your house with flowers for you to walk on.° They are made for you.

A short pause

Lady windermere Lord Darlington, you annoyed me last night at the Foreign Office.° I am afraid you are going to annoy me again.

Lord Darlington I, Lady Windermere?

Enter Parker and Footman C., with tray and tea things.

Lady windermere Put it there, Parker. That will do.° (Wipes her hands with her pocket-handkerchief, goes to tea-table L., and sits down.)

Won’t you come over,° Lord Darlington?

  By PanEris using Melati.

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