Jacqueline. That is all well and good, but I have always heard that in marriage, as in everything else, happiness excels riches. Fathers and mothers have this cursed habit of asking always, “How much has he got? ” and “How much has she got? ” And gaffer Peter has married his Simonette to that lout Thomas, because he has got a few more vineyards than young Robin, for whom the girl had a fancy; and now the poor creature is as yellow as a guinea, and has not looked like herself ever since. That is a good example for you, Sir. After all, folks have but their pleasure in this world; and I would sooner give my daughter a husband whom she likes than have all the riches in the country.

Géronte. Bless me, nurse, how you chatter! Hold your tongue, let me beg of you; you take too much upon yourself, and you will spoil your milk.

Lucas. (slapping Géronte’s shoulder at every word). Indeed, be silent; you are too saucy. The master does not want your speeches, and he knows what he is about. All you have got to do is to suckle your baby, without arguing so much. Our master is the girl’s father, and he is good and clever enough to know what she wants.

Géronte. Gently, gently.

Lucas (still slapping Géronte’s shoulder). I wish to show her her place, and teach her the respect due to you, Sir.

Géronte. Very well. But it does not need all this gesticulating.

Scene III.—Valère, Sganarelle, Géronte, Lucas, Jacqueline.

Valère. Look out, Sir, here is our physician coming.

Géronte (to Sganarelle). I am delighted to see you, Sir, at my house, and we have very great need of you.

Sganarelle (in a physician’s gown with a very pointed cap). Hippocrates says … that we should both put our hats on.

Géronte. Hippocrates says that?

Sganarelle. Yes.

Géronte. In which chapter, if you please?

Sganarelle. In his chapter … on hats.

Géronte. Since Hippocrates says so, we must obey.

Sganarelle. Doctor, having heard of the marvellous things …

Géronte. To whom are you speaking, pray?

Sganarelle. To you.

Géronte. I am not a physician.

Sganarelle. You are not a physician?

Géronte. Indeed I am not.

Sganarelle. Really?

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