Act II

Scene I.—Orgon, Mariane.

Orgon. Mariane.

Mariane. Father?

Orgon. Come here; I have something to say to you privately.

Mariane (to ORGON, who is looking into a closet). What are you looking for?

Orgon. I am looking whether there is anyone there who might overhear us; for it is a most likely little place for such a purpose. Now we are all right. Mariane, I have always found you of a sweet disposition, and you have always been very dear to me.

Mariane. I am much obliged to you for this fatherly affection.

Orgon. That is very well said, daughter; and to deserve it, your only care should be to please me.

Mariane. That is my greatest ambition.

Orgon. Very well. What say you of our guest Tartuffe?

Mariane. Who? I?

Orgon. You. Be careful how you answer.

Mariane. Alas! I will say whatever you like of him.

Scene II.—Orgon, Mariane, Dorine (entering softly and keeping behind Orgon, without being seen).

Orgon. That is sensibly spoken. … Tell me then, my child, that he is a man of the highest worth; that he has touched your heart; and that it would be pleasant to you to see him, with my approbation, become your husband. Eh? (Mariane draws away with surprise.)

Mariane. He!

Orgon. What is the matter?

Mariane. What did you say?

Orgon. What?

Mariane. Did I mistake?

Orgon. How?

Mariane. What would you have me say has touched my heart, father, and whom would it be pleasant to have for a husband, with your approbation?

Orgon. Tartuffe.

Mariane. But it is nothing of the kind, father, I assure you. Why would you have me tell such a falsehood?

Orgon. But I wish it to be a truth; and it is sufficient for you that I have resolved it so.

Mariane. What, father would you …

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