Act 2 - Scene 2

The same. A public way or platform leading to the

lists. A pavilion by the side of it for the
reception of King, Princess, Lords, &c.

Enter SIMONIDES, THAISA, Lords, and Attendants


Are the knights ready to begin the triumph?

First Lord

They are, my liege;
And stay your coming to present themselves.


Return them, we are ready; and our daughter,
In honour of whose birth these triumphs are,
Sits here, like beauty's child, whom nature gat
For men to see, and seeing wonder at.

Exit a Lord


It pleaseth you, my royal father, to express
My commendations great, whose merit's less.


It's fit it should be so; for princes are
A model which heaven makes like to itself:
As jewels lose their glory if neglected,
So princes their renowns if not respected.
'Tis now your honour, daughter, to explain
The labour of each knight in his device.


Which, to preserve mine honour, I'll perform.

Enter a Knight; he passes over, and his Squire presents his shield to the Princess


Who is the first that doth prefer himself?


A knight of Sparta, my renowned father;
And the device he bears upon his shield
Is a black Ethiope reaching at the sun
The word, 'Lux tua vita mihi.'


He loves you well that holds his life of you.

The Second Knight passes over

Who is the second that presents himself?

  By PanEris using Melati.

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