Act 4 - Scene 2

Milan. Outside the DUKE's palace, under SILVIA's chamber.



Already have I been false to Valentine
And now I must be as unjust to Thurio.
Under the colour of commending him,
I have access my own love to prefer:
But Silvia is too fair, too true, too holy,
To be corrupted with my worthless gifts.
When I protest true loyalty to her,
She twits me with my falsehood to my friend;
When to her beauty I commend my vows,
She bids me think how I have been forsworn
In breaking faith with Julia whom I loved:
And notwithstanding all her sudden quips,
The least whereof would quell a lover's hope,
Yet, spaniel-like, the more she spurns my love,
The more it grows and fawneth on her still.
But here comes Thurio: now must we to her window,
And give some evening music to her ear.

Enter THURIO and Musicians


How now, Sir Proteus, are you crept before us?


Ay, gentle Thurio: for you know that love
Will creep in service where it cannot go.


Ay, but I hope, sir, that you love not here.


Sir, but I do; or else I would be hence.


Who? Silvia?


Ay, Silvia; for your sake.


I thank you for your own. Now, gentlemen,
Let's tune, and to it lustily awhile.

Enter, at a distance, Host, and JULIA in boy's clothes


Now, my young guest, methinks you're allycholly: I
pray you, why is it?


Marry, mine host, because I cannot be merry.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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