Lords, let him go. Please it your majesty,
This is the day appointed for the combat;
And ready are the appellant and defendant,
The armourer and his man, to enter the lists,
So please your highness to behold the fight.


Ay, good my lord; for purposely therefore
Left I the court, to see this quarrel tried.


O God's name, see the lists and all things fit:
Here let them end it; and God defend the right!


I never saw a fellow worse bested,
Or more afraid to fight, than is the appellant,
The servant of this armourer, my lords.

Enter at one door, HORNER, the Armourer, and his Neighbours, drinking to him so much that he is drunk; and he enters with a drum before him and his staff with a sand-bag fastened to it; and at the other door PETER, his man, with a drum and sand-bag, and 'Prentices drinking to him

First Neighbour

Here, neighbour Horner, I drink to you in a cup of
sack: and fear not, neighbour, you shall do well enough.

Second Neighbour

And here, neighbour, here's a cup of charneco.

Third Neighbour

And here's a pot of good double beer, neighbour:
drink, and fear not your man.


Let it come, i' faith, and I'll pledge you all; and
a fig for Peter!

First 'Prentice

Here, Peter, I drink to thee: and be not afraid.

Second 'Prentice

Be merry, Peter, and fear not thy master: fight
for credit of the 'prentices.


I thank you all: drink, and pray for me, I pray
you; for I think I have taken my last draught in
this world. Here, Robin, an if I die, I give thee
my apron: and, Will, thou shalt have my hammer:
and here, Tom, take all the money that I have. O
Lord bless me! I pray God! for I am never able to
deal with my master, he hath learnt me so much fence already.


Come, leave your drinking, and fall to blows.
Sirrah, what's thy name?

  By PanEris using Melati.

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