Third Citizen

Are you all resolved to give your voices? But
that's no matter, the greater part carries it. I
say, if he would incline to the people, there was
never a worthier man.

Enter CORIOLANUS in a gown of humility, with MENENIUS

Here he comes, and in the gown of humility: mark his
behavior. We are not to stay all together, but to
come by him where he stands, by ones, by twos, and
by threes. He's to make his requests by
particulars; wherein every one of us has a single
honour, in giving him our own voices with our own
tongues: therefore follow me, and I direct you how
you shall go by him.


Content, content.

Exeunt Citizens


O sir, you are not right: have you not known
The worthiest men have done't?


What must I say?
'I Pray, sir'–Plague upon't! I cannot bring
My tongue to such a pace:–'Look, sir, my wounds!
I got them in my country's service, when
Some certain of your brethren roar'd and ran
From the noise of our own drums.'


O me, the gods!
You must not speak of that: you must desire them
To think upon you.


Think upon me! hang 'em!
I would they would forget me, like the virtues
Which our divines lose by 'em.


You'll mar all:
I'll leave you: pray you, speak to 'em, I pray you,
In wholesome manner.



Bid them wash their faces
And keep their teeth clean.

Re-enter two of the Citizens

So, here comes a brace.

Re-enter a third Citizen

You know the cause, air, of my standing here.

Third Citizen

We do, sir; tell us what hath brought you to't.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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