Honor (who has been listening at the door). Whisht! there’s someone inside the room. (She pushes door a chink open.) It’s a man.

Sara kicks off boots and puts them where they were. They all stand in a line looking through chink.

Sara I’ll call him. Mister! Mister! (He puts in his head.) Is Pegeen within?

Christy (coming in as meek as a mouse, with the looking-glass held behind his back). She’s above on the cnuceen, seeking the nanny goats, the way she’d have a sup of goat’s milk for to colour my tea.

Sara And asking your pardon, is it you’s the man killed his father?

Christy (sidling toward the nail where the glass was hanging.) I am, God help me!

Sara (taking eggs she has brought). Then my thousand welcomes to you, and I’ve run up with a brace of duck’s eggs for your food today. Pegeen’s ducks is no use, but these are the real rich sort. Hold out your hand and you’ll see it’s no lie I’m telling you.

Christy (coming forward shyly, and holding out his left hand.) They’re a great and weighty size.

Susan And I run up with a pat of butter, for it’d be a poor thing to have you eating your spuds dry, and you after running a great way since you did destroy your da.

Christy Thank you kindly.

Honor And I brought you a little cut of cake, for you should have a thin stomach on you, and you that length walking the world.

Nelly And I brought you a little laying pullet—boiled and all she is—was crushed at the fall of night by the curate’s car. Feel the fat of that breast, Mister.

Christy It’s bursting, surely.

He feels it with the back of his hand,in which he holds the presents.

Sara Will you pinch it? Is your right hand too sacred for to use at all? (She slips round behind him.) It’s a glass he has. Well, I never seen to this day a man with a looking-glass held to his back. Them that kills their fathers is a vain lot surely.

Girls giggle.

Christy (smiling innocently and piling presents on glass). I’m very thankful to you all to-day …

Widow Quin (coming in quickly, at door). Sara Tansey, Susan Brady, Honor Blake! What in glory has you here at this hour of day?

Girls (giggling). That’s the man killed his father.

Widow Quin (coming to them). I know well it’s the man; and I’m after putting him down in the sports below for racing, leaping, pitching, and the Lord knows what.

Sara (exuberantly). That’s right, Widow Quin. I’ll bet my dowry that he’ll lick the world.

Widow Quin If you will, you’d have a right to have him fresh and nourished in place of nursing a feast. (Taking presents.) Are you fasting or fed, young fellow?

Christy Fasting, if you please.

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