Fash. So good a daughter must needs be an admirable wife. I am therefore impatient till you are mine, and hope you will so far consider the violence of my love, that you won’t have the cruelty to defer my happiness so long as your father designs it.

Miss Hoyd. Pray, my lord, how long is that?

Fash. Madam, a thousand years—a whole week.

Miss Hoyd. Why, I thought it was to be to-morrow morning, as soon as I was up. I’m sure nurse told me so.

Fash. And it shall be to-morrow morning, if you’ll consent.

Miss Hoyd. If I’ll consent! Why I thought I was to obey you as my husband.

Fash. That’s when we are married. Till then, I’m to obey you.

Miss Hoyd. Why then, if we are to take it by turns, its the same thing. I’ll obey you now, and when we are married you shall obey me.

Fash. With all my heart. But I doubt we must get nurse on our side, or we shall hardly prevail with the chaplain.

Miss Hoyd. No more we shan’t, indeed; for he loves her better than he loves his pulpit, and would always be a-preaching to her by his good will.

Fash. Why then, my dear, if you’ll call her hither we’ll persuade her presently.

Miss Hoyd. O Lud! I’ll tell you a way how to persuade her to anything.

Fash. How’s that?

Miss Hoyd. Why tell her she’s a handsome comely woman, and give her half a crown.

Fash. Nay, if that will do, she shall have half a score of ’em.

Miss Hoyd. O gemini! for half that she’d marry you herself.—I’ll run and call her.


Fash. So! matters go on swimmingly. This is a rare girl, i’faith. I shall have a fine time on’t with her at London.

Enter Lory.

So, Lory, what’s the matter?

Lory. Here, sir—an intercepted packet from the enemy; your brother’s postilion brought it. I knew the livery, pretended to be a servant of Sir Tunbelly’s, and so got possession of the letter,

Fash. [looks at the letter.] Ouns! he tells Sir Tunbelly here that he will be with him this evening, with a large party to supper.—Egad, I must marry the girl directly.

Lory. Oh, zounds, sir, directly to be sure. Here she comes.


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