Aman. But should I tell you he was exquisitely so, and that I had gazed on him with admiration, should you not think ’twere possible I might go one step further, and inquire his name?

Love. [Aside.] She has reason on her side; I have talked too much; but I must turn off another way.—[Aloud.] Will you then make no difference, Amanda, between the language of our sex and yours? There is a modesty restrains your tongues, which makes you speak by halves when you commend; but roving flattery gives a loose to ours, which makes us still speak double what we think.

Enter Servant.

Ser. Madam, there is a lady at the door in a chair desires to know whether your ladyship sees company; her name is Berinthia.

Aman. Oh dear! ’tis a relation I have not seen these five years; pray her to walk in.—[Exit Servant.] Here’s another beauty for you; she was, when I saw her last, reckoned extremely handsome.

Love. Don’t be jealous now; for I shall gaze upon her too.

Enter Berinthia.

Ha! by heavens, the very woman!


Ber. [Salutes Amanda.] Dear Amanda, I did not expect to meet you in Scarborough.

Aman. Sweet cousin, I’m overjoyed to see you.—Mr. Loveless, here’s a relation and a friend of mine, I desire you’ll be better acquainted with.

Love. [Salutes Berinthia.] If my wife never desires a harder thing, madam, her request will be easily granted.

Re-enter Servant.

Ser. Sir, my Lord Foppington presents his humble service to you, and desires to know how you do. He’s at the next door; and, if it be not inconvenient to you, he’ll come and wait upon you.

Love. Give my compliments to his lordship, and I shall be glad to see him.—[Exit Servant.] If you are not acquainted with his lordship, madam, you will be entertained with his character.

Aman. Now it moves my pity more than my mirth to see a man whom nature has made no fool be so very industrious to pass for an ass.

Love. No, there you are wrong, Amanda; you should never bestow your pity upon those who take pains for your contempt: pity those whom nature abuses, never those who abuse nature.

Enter Lord Foppington.

Lord Fop. Dear Loveless, I am your most humble servant.

Love. My lord, I’m yours.

Lord Fop. Madam, your ladyship’s very obedient slave.

Love. My lord, this lady is a relation of my wife’s.

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