1st Sold. This way: the sun, though clouded, is on our left.—[Perceives the Child.] What have we here?—A child, as I’m a soldier!

2nd Sold. ’Tis a sweet little babe! Now would it be a great charity to take this infant from its pagan mother’s power.

1st Sold. It would so: I have one at home shall play with it.—Come along.

[Exeunt with the Child.

Cora. [Without.] This way, dear Alonzo!

Re-enter Cora, with Alonzo.

Now I am right—there—there—under that tree. Was it possible the instinct of a mother’s heart could mistake the spot? Now wilt thou look at him as he sleeps, or shall I bring him waking, with his full, blue laughing eyes, to welcome you at once? Yes, yes! Stand thou there; I’ll snatch him from his rosy slumber, blushing like the perfumed morn.

She runs up to the spot, and finding only the mantle and veil, which she tears from the ground, and the Child gone, shrieks.

Alon. [Running to her.] Cora! my heart’s beloved!

Cora. He is gone!

Alon. Eternal God!

Cora. He is gone!—my child! my child!

Alon. Where didst thou leave him?

Cora. [Dashing herself on the spot.] Here!

Alon. Be calm, beloved Cora; he has waked and crept to a little distance; we shall find him. Are you assured this was the spot you left him in?

Cora. Did not these hands make that bed and shelter for him? and is not this the veil that covered him?

Alon. Here is a hut yet unobserved.

Cora. Ha! yes, yes! there lives the savage that has robbed me of my child.—[Beats at the door.] Give me back my child! restore to me my boy!

Enter Las-Casas from the hut.

Las-Cas. Who calls me from my wretched solitude!

Cora. Give me back my child!—[Goes into the hut and calls.] Fernando!

Alon. Almighty powers! do my eyes deceive me? Las-Casas!

Las-Cas. Alonzo, my beloved young friend.

Alon My revered instructor!


  By PanEris using Melati.

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