Alon. Cora, my beloved, do you wish to set my heart at rest?

Cora. Oh yes! yes! yes!

Alon. Hasten then to the concealment in the mountains; where all our matrons and virgins, and our warriors’ offspring, are allotted to await the issue of the war. Cora will not alone resist her husband’s, her sisters’, and her monarch’s wish.

Cora. Alonzo, I cannot leave you. Oh! how in every moment’s absence would my fancy paint you, wounded, alone, abandoned! No, no, I cannot leave you.

Alon. Rolla will be with me.

Cora. Yes, while the battle rages, and where it rages most, brave Rolla will be found. He may revenge, but cannot save thee To follow danger he will leave even thee. But I have sworn never to forsake thee but with life. Dear, dear Alonzo, canst thou wish that I should break my vow?

Alon. Then be it so. Oh! excellence in all that’s great and lovely, in courage, gentleness, and truth; my pride, my content, my all! Can there on this earth be fools who seek for happiness, and pass by love in the pursuit?

Cora. Alonzo, I cannot thank thee: silence is the gratitude of true affection: who seeks to follow it by sound will miss the track.—[Shouts without.] Does the king approach?

Alon. No, ’tis the general placing the guard that will surround the temple during the sacrifice. ’Tis Rolla comes, the first and best of heroes.

[Trumpets sound.

Rol. [Without.] Then place them on the hill fronting the Spanish camp.

Enter Rolla.

Cora. Rolla! my friend, my brother!

Alon. Rolla! my friend, my benefactor! how can our lives repay the obligations which we owe thee!

Rol. Pass them in peace and bliss. Let Rolla witness it, he is overpaid.

Cora. Look on this child. He is the life-blood of my heart; but, if ever he loves or reveres thee less than his own father, his mother’s hate fall on him!

Rol. Oh, no more! What sacrifice have I made to merit gratitude? The object of my love was Cora’s happiness. I see her happy. Is not my object gained, and am I not rewarded? Now, Cora, listen to a friend’s advice. Thou must away; thou must seek the sacred caverns, the unprofaned recess, whither, after this day’s sacrifice, our matrons, and e’en the virgins of the sun, retire.

Cora. Not secure with Alonzo and with thee, Rolla?

Rol. We have heard Pizarro’s plan is to surprise us. Thy presence, Cora, cannot aid, but may impede our efforts.

Cora. Impede!

Rol. Yes, yes. Thou knowest how tenderly we love thee; we, thy husband and thy friend. Art thou near us, our thoughts, our valour—vengeance will not be our own. No advantage will be pursued that leads us from the spot where thou art placed; no succour will be given but for thy protection. The faithful lover

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