Act II.

Scene I.—A Street.

Enter Serjeant Trounce, Drummer and Soldiers.

Trounce. Come, silence your drum—there is no valour stirring to-day. I thought St. Patrick would have given us a recruit or two to-day.

Sol. Mark, serjeant!

Enter two Countrymen.

Trounce. Oh! these are the lads I was looking for; they have the look of gentlemen.—An’t you single, my lads?

1 Coun. Yes, an please you, I be quite single: my relations be all dead, thank heavens, more or less. I have but one poor mother left in the world, and she’s an helpless woman.

Trounce. Indeed! a very extraordinary case—quite your own master then—the fitter to serve his Majesty.—Can you read?

1 Coun. Noa, I was always too lively to take to learning; but John here is main clever at it.

Trounce. So, what you’re a scholar, friend?

2 Coun. I was born so, measter. Feyther kept grammar-school.

Trounce. Lucky man—in a campaign or two put yourself down chaplain to the regiment. And I warrant you have read of warriors and heroes?

2 Coun. Yes, that I have: I have read of Jack the Giant Killer, and the Dragon of Wantly, and the—Noa, I believe that’s all in the hero way, except once about a comet.

Trounce. Wonderful knowledge!—Well, my heroes, I’ll write word to the king of your good intentions, and meet me half an hour hence at the Two Magpies.

Coun. We will, your honour, we will.

Trounce. But stay; for fear I shouldn’t see you again in the crowd, clap these little bits of ribbon into your hats.

1 Coun. Our hats are none of the best.

Trounce. Well, meet me at the Magpies, and I’ll give you money to buy new ones.

Coun. Bless your honour, thank your honour.


Trounce. [Winking at Soldiers.] Jack!

[Exeunt Soldiers.

Enter Lieutenant O’Connor.

So, here comes one would make a grenadier—Stop, friend, will you list?

O’Con. Who shall I serve under?

  By PanEris using Melati.

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