Act IV

SCENE I.—Covent Garden

Enter Lord RAKE, and Colonel BULLY, with their swords drawn.

Lord R. Is the dog dead?

Col. No, d—n him! I heard him wheeze.

Lord R. How the witch his wife howled!

Col. Ay, she’ll alarm the watch presently.

Lord R. Appear, knight, then; come, you have a good cause to fight for; there’s a man murdered.


Sir J. Is there? then let his ghost be satisfied; for I’ll sacrifice a constable to it presently, and burn his body upon his wooden chair.

Enter a Tailor, with a bundle under his arm.

Col. How now! What have we got here? a thief?

Tai. No, an’t please you, I’m no thief.

Lord R. That we’ll see presently. Here, let the general examine him.

Sir J. Ay, ay; let me examine him and I’ll lay a hundred pounds I find him guilty, in spite of his teeth; for he looks like a sneaking rascal. Come, sirrah, without equivocation, or mental reservation, tell me of what opinion you are, and what calling; for by them I shall guess at your morals.

Tai. An’t please you, I’m a dissenting journeyman woman’s tailor.

Sir J. Then, sirrah, you love lying by your religion, and theft by your trade: and so, that your punishments may be suitable to your crimes, I’ll have you first gagged, and then hanged.

Tai. Pray, good worthy gentlemen, don’t abuse me: indeed, I am an honest man, and a good workman, though I say it that should not say it.

Sir J. No words, sirrah, but attend your fate.

Lord R. Let me see what’s in that bundle.

Tai. An’t please you, it’s my lady’s morning dress and hat.

Sir J. What lady, you reptile, you?

Tai. My Lady Brute, an’t please your honour.

Sir J. My Lady Brute! my wife! the robe of my wife! With reverence let me approach it. The dear angel is always taking care of me in danger, and has sent me this suit of armour to protect me in this day of battle: on they go.

All. Oh, brave knight!

Lord R. Live, Don Quixote the second!

  By PanEris using Melati.

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