Albert. O! monstrous!

Sigifred. What is this?

Albert. Nothing, Sigifred. Farewell!
We’ll meet upon our subject. Farewell, Count!


Sigifred. To this clear-headed Albert? He brain-turned!
’Tis as portentous as a meteor.


Scene II.—An Apartment in the Castle.

Enter, as from the Marriage, Otho, Ludolph, Auranthe,
Conrad, Nobles, Knights, Ladies, Music.

Otho. Now, Ludolph! Now, Auranthe! Daughter fair!
What can I find to grace your nuptial day
More than my love, and these wide realms in fee!

Ludolph. I have too much.

Auranthe. And I, my liege, by far.

Ludolph. Auranthe! I have! O, my bride, my love!
Not all the gaze upon us can restrain
My eyes, too long poor exiles from thy face,
From adoration, and my foolish tongue
From uttering soft responses to the love
I see in thy mute beauty beaming forth!
Fair creature, bless me with a single word!
All mine!

Auranthe. Spare, spare me, my lord; I swoon else.

Ludolph. Soft beauty! by to-morrow I should die,
Wert thou not mine.

[They talk apart

1st Lady. How deep she has bewitched him!

1st Knight. Ask you for her recipe for love philtres.

2nd Lady. They hold the Emperor in admiration.

Otho. If ever king was happy that am I!
What are the cities ’yond the Alps to me,
The provinces about the Danube’s mouth,
The promise of fair sail beyond the Rhone;
Or routing out of Hyperborean hordes,
To these fair children, stars of a new age?
Unless perchance I might rejoice to win
This little ball of earth, and chuck it them
To play with!

Auranthe. Nay, my lord, I do not know—

Ludolph. Let me not famish.

Otho (to Conrad). Good Franconia,
You heard what oath I sware, as the sun rose,
That unless Heaven would send me back my son,
My Arab,—no soft music should enrich
The cool wine, kissed off with a soldier’s smack;

Now all my empire, bartered for one feast, Seems poverty.

Conrad. Upon the neighbour plain
The heralds have prepared a royal lists;
Your knights, found war-proof in the bloody field, Speed to the game.

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