Dem. Wench good enough,
But that she talks too loud.

Pet. She talks to the purpose.
Which never woman did yet. She’ll hold grappling,
And he that lays on best is her best servant;
All other loves are mere catching of dottrels,
Stretching of legs out only, and trim laziness.
Here comes the general.

Enter Suetonius, Curius, and Macer.

Suet. I’m glad I have found ye:
Are those come in yet that pursued bold Caratach?

Pet. Not yet, sir, for I think they mean to lodge him;
Take him I know they dare not, ’twill be dangerous.

Suet. Then haste, Petillius, haste to Penius:
I fear the strong conceit of what disgrace
He has pull’d upon himself, will be his ruin;
I fear his soldiers’ fury too; Haste presently;
I would not lose him for all Britain. Give him, Petillius—


Pet. That that shall choke him.

Suet. All the noble counsel,
His fault forgiven too, his place, his honour—

Pet. For me, I think; as handsome—

Suet. All the comfort;
And tell the soldier, ’twas on our command
He drew not to the battle.

Pet. I conceive, sir,
And will do that shall cure all.

Suet. Bring him with you
Before the queen’s fort, and his forces with him;
There you shall find us following of our conquest.
Make haste!

Pet. The best I may.


Suet. And, noble gentlemen,
Up to your companies! we’ll presently
Upon the queen’s pursuit. There’s nothing done
Till she be seiz’d; without her, nothing won.

[Exeunt. Short flourish.

SCENE II.Open Country between the Camps.

Enter Caratach and Hengo.

Car. How does my boy?

Hengo. I would do well; my heart’s well;
I do not fear.

Car. My good boy!

Hengo. I know, uncle,
We must all die; my little brother died,
I saw him die, and he died smiling; sure
There’s no great pain in’t, uncle. But pray tell me,
Whither must we go when we are dead?

Car. Strange questions!—
Why, to the blessedest place, boy—Ever sweetness
And happiness dwells there.

Hengo. Will you come to me?

  By PanEris using Melati.

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