Dramatis Personae

De Gard,
a noble stayed Gentleman, that, being newly lighted from his Travels, assists his Sister Oriana, in her Chase of Mirabel the Wild-Goose.
La Castre,
the indulgent Father to Mirabel.
the Wild-Goose, a travelled Monsieur, and great defier of all Ladies in the way of Marriage, otherwise their much loose Servant, at last caught by the despised Oriana.
his Fellow-Traveller, of a lively spirit, and Servant to the no less sprightly Lillia-Bianca.
Companion to both, of a stout blunt humour, in Love with Rosalura.
Father to Rosalura and Lillia-Bianca.
the rough and confident Tutor to the Ladies, and chief engine to entrap the Wild-Goose.
the fair betrothed of Mirabel, and witty follower of the Chase.
Rosalura, Lillia-Bianca, the airy Daughters of Nantolet.
their Waiting-Woman.
an English Courtesan.
A Young Man
disguised as a Factor. Page, Servants, Singing-Boy, Two Merchants, Priest, Four Women.

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