with being turn’d o’ th’ stones like a tansy. Draw not your sword, if you love it; for, on my conscience, his head will break it; We use him i’ th’ wars like a ram, to shake a wall withal. Here comes the very person of him; do as you shall find your temper; I must leave you: But if you do not break him like a biscuit, you’re much to blame, sir.

[Exit Mardonius.

Lyg. Is your name Bessus?

Bes. Men call me Captain Bessus.

Lyg. Then, Captain Bessus, you are a rank rascal, without more exordiums; a dirty frozen slave! and, with the favour of your friends here, I will beat you. 2 Sw. Pray use your pleasure, sir; you seem to be a gentleman.

Lyg. [Beats him.] Thus, Captain Bessus, thus!
Thus twinge your nose, thus kick, thus tread upon you.

Bes. I do beseech you, yield your cause, sir, quickly.

Lyg. Indeed, I should have told you that first.

Bes. I take it so. 1 Sw. Captain, he should, indeed; he is mistaken.

Lyg. Sir, you shall have it quickly, and more beating:
You have stolen away a lady, Captain Coward,
And such a one—

[Beats him.

Bes. Hold, I beseech you, hold, sir;
I never yet stole any living thing
That had a tooth about it.

Lyg. I know you dare lie.

Bes. With none but summer-whores, upon my life, sir:
My means and manners never could attempt
Above a hedge or haycock.

Lyg. Sirrah, that quits not me: Where is this lady?
Do that you do not use to do, tell truth,
Or, by my hand, I’ll beat your captain’s brains out,
Wash ’em, and put ’em in again, that will I.

Bes. There was a lady, sir, I must confess,
Once in my charge: The prince Tigranes gave her
To my guard, for her safety. How I used her
She may herself report; she’s with the prince now.
I did but wait upon her like a groom,
Which she will testify, I am sure: If not,
My brains are at your service, when you please, sir,
And glad I have ’em for you.

Lyg. This is most likely. Sir, I ask your pardon and am sorry I was so intemperate.

Bes. Well, I can ask no more. You would think it strange now, to have me beat you at first sight.

Lyg. Indeed, I would; but, I know, your goodness can forget twenty beatings: You must forgive me.

Bes. Yes; there’s my hand. Go where you will, I shall think you a valiant fellow for all this.

Lyg. My daughter is a whore.


I feel it now too sensible; yet I will see her;
Discharge myself from being father to her,
And then back to my country, and there die.—
Farewell, captain.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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