Dramatis Personae


Arbaces, King of Iberia.
Tigranes, King of Armenia.
Gobrias, Lord-Protector, and Father of Arbaces.
Bacurius, a Lord.
Mardonius, Bessus, two Captains.
Lygones, Father of Spaconia.
Three Gentlemen.
Two Swordmen.
Three Men.
Philip, a Servant. A Messenger.
A Servant to Bacurius.
A Boy.
Arane, the Queen-Mother.
Panthea, her Daughter.
Spaconia, a Lady, Daughter of Lygones.
Mandane, a Waiting-woman; and other Attendants.
Two Citizens’ Wives, and another Woman.

SCENE—During the First Act, on the Frontiers of Armenia; Afterwards in the Metropolis of Iberia.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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