Act V

SCENE I.A Room in the Palace.

Enter EVADNE and a Gentleman.

Evad. Sir, is the king a-bed?

Gent. Madam, an hour ago.

Evad. Give me the key then, and let none be near;
’Tis the king’s pleasure.

Gent. I understand you, madam; ’would ’twere mine.
I must not wish good rest unto your ladyship.

Evad. You talk, you talk.

Gent. ’Tis all I dare do, madam; but the king
Will wake, and then—

Evad. Saving your imagination, pray, good night, sir.

Gent. A good night be it then, and a long one, madam.
I am gone.


SCENE II.The Bedchamber. The KING discovered in Bed, sleeping.


Evad. The night grows horrible; and all about me
Like my black purpose. Oh, the conscience
Of a lost virgin! whither wilt thou pull me?
To what things, dismal as the depth of hell,
Wilt thou provoke me? Let no woman dare
From this hour be disloyal, if her heart be flesh,
If she have blood, and can fear: ’Tis a daring
Above that desperate fool’s that left his peace,
And went to sea to fight. ’Tis so many sins,
An age cannot repent ’em; and so great,
The gods want mercy for! Yet I must through ’em.
I have begun a slaughter on my honour,
And I must end it there.—He sleeps. Good Heavens!
Why give you peace to this untemperate beast,
That hath so long transgress’d you; I must kill him,
And I will do it bravely: The mere joy
Tells me, I merit in it. Yet I must not
Thus tamely do it, as he sleeps; that were
To rock him to another world: My vengeance
Shall take him waking, and then lay before him
The number of his wrongs and punishments.
I’ll shake his sins like furies, till I waken
His evil angel, his sick conscience;
And then I’ll strike him dead. King, by your leave:

[Ties his arms to the bed.

I dare not trust your strength. Your grace and I
Must grapple upon even terms no more.
So. If he rail me not from my resolution,
I shall be strong enough.—My lord the king!!
My lord!—He sleeps, as if he meant to wake
No more.—My lord!—Is he not dead already?
Sir! My lord!

King. Who’s that?

Evad. Oh, you sleep soundly, sir!

King. My dear Evadne,
I have been dreaming of thee. Come to bed.

Evad. I am come at length, sir; but how welcome?

King. What pretty new device is this, Evadne?
What, do you tie me to you? By my love,
This is a quaint one. Come, my dear, and kiss me.
I’ll be thy Mars; to bed, my queen of love:
Let us be caught together, that the gods
May see, and envy our embraces.

Evad. Stay, sir, stay;
You are too hot, and I have brought you physic
To temper your high veins.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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