Hum . What shall I do? I have been beaten twice,
And Mistress Luce is gone. Help me, device!
Since my true love is gone, I never more,
Whilst I do live, upon the sky will pore;
But in the dark will wear out my shoe-soles
In passion in Saint Faith’s church under Paul’s.

[ Exit .

[ Wife . George, call Ralph hither; if you love me, call Ralph hither: I have the bravest thing for him to do, George; prithee, call him quickly.

Cit . Ralph! why, Ralph, boy!

Enter RALPH.

Ralph . Here, sir.

Cit . Come hither, Ralph; come to thy mistress, boy.

Wife . Ralph, I would have thee call all the youths together in battle-ray, with drums, and guns, and flags, and march to Mile-End in pompous fashion, and there exhort your soldiers to be merry and wise, and to keep their beards from burning, Ralph; and then skirmish, and let your flags fly, and cry, “Kill, kill, kill!” My husband shall lend you his jerkin, Ralph, and there’s a scarf; for the rest, the house shall furnish you, and we’ll pay for’t. Do it bravely, Ralph; and think before whom you perform, and what person you represent.

Ralph . I warrant you, mistress; if I do it not, for the honour of the city and the credit of my master, let me never hope for freedom!

Wife . “Tis well spoken, i’faith. Go thy ways; thou art a spark indeed.

Cit . Ralph, Ralph, double your files bravely, Ralph!

Ralph . I warrant you, sir.

[ Exit .

Cit . Let him look narrowly to his service; I shall take him else. I was there myself a pikeman once, in the hottest of the day, wench; had my feather shot sheer away, the fringe of my pike burnt off with powder, my pate broken with a scouring-stick, and yet, I thank God, I am here.

[ Drums within .

Wife . Hark, George, the drums!

Cit . Ran, tan, tan, tan, tan, tan! Oh, wench, an thou hadst but seen little Ned of Aldgate, Drum-Ned, how he made it roar again, and laid on like a tyrant, and then struck softly till the ward came up, and then thundered again, and together we go! “Sa, sa, sa, bounce!” quoth the guns; “Courage, my hearts!” quoth the captains; “Saint George!” quoth the pikemen; and withal, here
they lay: and there they lay: and yet for all this I am here, wench.

Wife . Be thankful for it, George; for indeed ’tis wonderful.]

SCENE II.— A Street ( and afterwards Mile End ).

Enter RALPH and Company of Soldiers ( among whom are WILLIAM HAMMERTON and GEORGE GREENGOOSE ), with drums and colours .

  By PanEris using Melati.

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