Short Stories

Short stories are often considered to be the most perfect form of fiction writing, and nearly every author of merit has many great tales to their name. We feature some of the most famous authors of short stories such as O. Henry, Saki (Hector Monro), Rudyard Kipling, H.G. Wells, Oscar Wilde, Jack London and Henry James. Alongside them we have the stories of great dramatists and novelists such as Anton Chekhov, Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, Aldous Huxley, Antony Trollope and Emile Zola; and undeservedly lesser known authors such as the hilarious Ambrose Bierce, and Barnaby Rich (whose 1581 book 'Farewell to the Military Profession' provided Shakespeare with the plot for "Twelfth Night").

Collections by individual authors include P.G. Wodehouse's brilliant The Man Upstairs, Edgar Allen Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination and James Joyce's controversial classic Dubliners.

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The 1,000,000 pound Bank-Note Mark Twain
A Bad Business Anton Chekhov
A Baffled Ambuscade Ambrose Bierce
A Bivouac of the Dead Ambrose Bierce
A Blackjack Bargainer O. Henry
A Blunder Anton Chekhov
About Love Anton Chekhov
A Bread and Butter Miss Hector H. Munro
A Broken Looking-Glass Henry Harland
A Burlesque Biography Mark Twain
A Chameleon Anton Chekhov
The Achievement of the Cat Hector H. Munro
A Comedy in Rubber O. Henry
A Consultation Charles de Bernard
A Cosmopolite in A Cafe O. Henry
A Dark-Brown Dog Stephen Crane
A Daughter of Albion Anton Chekhov
A Daughter of the Lodge George Gissing
A Day in the Country Anton Chekhov
A Dead Body Anton Chekhov
A Deception Mark Twain
A Defensive Diamond Hector H. Munro
A Desperate Adventure Max Adeler
A Desperate Race Jonathan F. Kelly
A Dog's Tale Mark Twain
A Dreary Story Anton Chekhov
Adrian Hector H. Munro
Advice to Little Girls Mark Twain
Agafya Anton Chekhov
Against his Judgment Robert Grant
A Gentleman Friend Anton Chekhov
A Ghost of a Chance O. Henry
A Harlem Tragedy O. Henry
A Helpless Situation Mark Twain
A Holiday Task Hector H. Munro
A Horseman in the Sky Ambrose Bierce
A Joke Anton Chekhov
A Lady's Story Anton Chekhov
A Letter and a Paragraph Henry Cuyler Bunner
A Lickpenny Lover O. Henry
A Little of Chickamauga Ambrose Bierce
A Maid of Modern Athens Edgar Saltus
A Malefactor Anton Chekhov
A Matter of Sentiment Hector H. Munro
Amended Obituaries Mark Twain
A Misfortune Anton Chekhov
A Monument to Adam Mark Twain
A Municipal Report O. Henry
Amy Foster Joseph Conrad
An Affair Of Outposts Ambrose Bierce
An Anarchist Joseph Conrad
An Anonymous Story Anton Chekhov
An Artist's Story Anton Chekhov
An Autumn Episode John Oakum
An Entertaining Article Mark Twain
A Night with Cleopatra Theophile Gautier
An Inadvertence Anton Chekhov
An Incident Anton Chekhov
An Inspired Lobbyist John W. De Forest
An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Ambrose Bierce
An Old Man's Exegesis John Oakum
A note of admiration Oscar Wilde
An Outpost of Progress Joseph Conrad
An Ulm Stanley Waterloo
An Unfinished Story O. Henry
An Upheaval Anton Chekhov
Anyuta Anton Chekhov
Apolonius and Silla Barnaby Rich
A Ramble in Aphasia O. Henry
A Resumed Identity Ambrose Bierce
A Retrieved Reformation O. Henry
A Ride With a Mad Horse In a Freight Car W. H. H. Murray
Art Anton Chekhov
Art etching Oscar Wilde
A Ruler of Men O. Henry
A Second-Rate Woman Rudyard Kipling
A Service of Love O. Henry
A Shameful Affair Kate Chopin
A Simple Heart Gustave Flaubert
A Son of the Gods Ambrose Bierce
A Story of an Heir Joseph Addison
A Story Without an End Anton Chekhov
A Story Without a Title Anton Chekhov
At Arms with Morpheus O. Henry
At Cheniere Caminada Kate Chopin
A Technical Error O. Henry
A Telephonic Conversation Mark Twain
A Tempered Wind O. Henry
A Terribly Strange Bed Wilkie Collins
A Touch of Realism Hector H. Munro
A Trifle from Life Anton Chekhov
At the End of the Passage Rudyard Kipling
At the Pit's Mouth Rudyard Kipling
A Watcher By The Dead Ambrose Bierce
A Wayside Comedy Rudyard Kipling
A Woman's Kingdom Anton Chekhov
A Work of Art Anton Chekhov
Bad Medicine John Oakum
Balacchi Brothers Rebecca Harding Davis
Bartleby Herman Melville
Bartleby the Scrivener A Story of Wall Street Herman Melville
The Belated Russian Passport Mark Twain
Benito Cereno Herman Melville
Bertie's Christmas Eve Hector H. Munro
Bertran and Bimi Rudyard Kipling
Between Rounds O. Henry
Billy and Hans William James Stillman
Birds on the Western Front Hector H. Munro
Birth of A Man Maxim Gorky
Block Island John Oakum
The Blood-Feud of Toad-Water Hector H. Munro
Bob Harris's Deputy A St John Adcock
Bo-Peep, of the Ranches O. Henry
Boys Anton Chekhov
Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby Joel Chandler Harris
Brer Rabbit's Cradle Joel Chandler Harris
Brickdust Row O. Henry
Brother Sebastian's Friendship Harold Frederic
Bruin The Bear and Reynard The Fox Anon.
Bubbling Well Road Rudyard Kipling
Buried Treasure O. Henry
Cain and Artyom Maxim Gorky
Calloway's Code O. Henry
Canossa Hector H. Munro
Cap. De Costa John Oakum
Champagne Anton Chekhov
Chelkash Maxim Gorky
Chickamauga Ambrose Bierce
Children Anton Chekhov
Choristers Anton Chekhov
Chums Maxim Gorky
Clothes Gustav Kobbe
Clovis on Parental Responsibilities Hector H. Munro
Clovis on the Alleged Romance of Business Hector H. Munro
Compliments of The Season O. Henry
Conscience in Art O. Henry
Count and Wedding Guest O. Henry
Crainquebille Anatole France
Creatures that once were men Maxim Gorky
Cross Currents Hector H. Munro
Crutch, The Page George A. Townsend
The Cupboard of the Yesterdays Hector H. Munro
Departed Days John Oakum
Difficult People Anton Chekhov
Diplomatic Pay and Clothes Mark Twain
Does the Race of man love a Lord? Mark Twain
Doing A Sheriff Thomas A. Burke
Dorathea Catherine Grace Gore
A Double-dyed Deceiver O. Henry
Dougherty's Eye-Opener O. Henry
Down Pens Hector H. Munro
Dusk Hector H. Munro
Easter Eve Anton Chekhov
The Elixir of the Reverend Father Gaucher Alphonse Daudet
Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale Mark Twain
Enemies Anton Chekhov
Esther William Hale White
Eumaus' Tale Homer
Eve's Diary Mark Twain
Evil-Doers Maxim Gorky
Excepting Mrs Pentherby Hector H. Munro
Extracts from Adam's Diary Mark Twain
Facino Cane Honore De Balzac
Falk-A Reminiscence Joseph Conrad
Family Life Guy De Maupassant
Fanfarlo Charles Baudelaire
Fat and Thin Anton Chekhov
Fate Hector H. Munro
Filboid Studge, the Story of a Mouse That Helped Hector H. Munro
The First Writing-Machines Mark Twain
For the Duration of the War Hector H. Munro
Forewarned Hector H. Munro
Four Days in Dixie Ambrose Bierce
From The Cabby's Seat O. Henry
Fudkin of the Parcels Hector H. Munro
Fur Hector H. Munro
Gabriel-Ernest Hector H. Munro
General washington's Negro Body-Servant Mark Twain
George Thurston Ambrose Bierce
Georgie Porgie Rudyard Kipling
Girl O. Henry
The Goblins who Stole a Sexton Charles Dickens
Going Home Maxim Gorky
Gooseberries Anton Chekhov
The Greatest Love of Don Juan J. A. Barbey d'Aurevilly
Grendel's Raid Anon.
Grisha Anton Chekhov
Grizel Cochrane J. M. Wilson
Hand and Soul Dante Gabriel Rosetti
Happiness Anton Chekhov
Hautot Senior and Hautot Junior Guy De Maupassant
Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad
Hearts and Crosses O. Henry
Hermann the Irascible-A story of the Great Weep Hector H. Munro
He Who Married a Dumb Wife Francois Rabelais
Hieronymus Pop and the Baby Katherine S. B. McDowell
His Majesty the King Rudyard Kipling
Holding up A Train O. Henry
Home Anton Chekhov
Home Sickness George Moore
Horatius at The Bridge Livy
Hostages to Momus O. Henry
How Angels Got Religion George Brooke
How Hefty Burke got Even Richard Harding Davis
How Old Wiggins Wore Ship Captain Roland T. Coffin
A Humane Word from Satan Mark Twain
Hush! Anton Chekhov
Hyacinth Hector H. Munro
I and My Chimney Herman Melville
Il Conde Joseph Conrad
The Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney Rudyard Kipling
In Defence of His Right Daniel Defoe
In Memoriam Mark Twain
The Innocence of Reginald Hector H. Munro
In the Court Anton Chekhov
In the Graveyard Anton Chekhov
In the Ravine Anton Chekhov
In the Wake of War Hallie Erminie Rives
In Trouble Anton Chekhov
Italian with Grammar Mark Twain
Italian without A Master Mark Twain
Jews in Shushan Rudyard Kipling
Jimmy Hayes and Muriel O. Henry
John Bull on the Guadalquivir Anthony Trollope
John Tom Little Bear O. Henry
Journalism in Tennessee Mark Twain
Joy Anton Chekhov
Julia Cahill's Curse George Moore
Jupiter Doke, Brigadier-General Ambrose Bierce
Karain: A Memory Joseph Conrad
Karamora Maxim Gorky
Kashtanka Anton Chekhov
Killed at Resaca Ambrose Bierce
King Rhampsinitus and The Thief Herodotus
King Solomon of Kentucky James Lane Allen
Kirby's Coals of Fire Louise Stockton
La Mere Bauche Anthony Trollope
Laughing Anne Joseph Conrad
Lausus and Lydia J.F. Marmontel
Law and Order O. Henry
Le Fevre Laurence Sterne
Let Me Feel Your Pulse O. Henry
A Letter to The Secretary of the Treasury Mark Twain
Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow Thomas de Quincey
Leviathan Julian Green
Life of Ma Parker Katherine Mansfield
Ligeia Edgar Allan Poe
Lights Anton Chekhov
The Limitations of Pambe Serang Rudyard Kipling
Lisheen Races, Second-hand Somerville & Ross
Little Briar-Rose The Brothers Grimm
Little Red Riding-Hood Charles Perrault
Little Speck in Garnered Fruit O. Henry
Little Tip McClosky John Oakum
Little Tobrah Rudyard Kipling
Little Tommy Tucker Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Oscar Wilde
Lost in the Fog Noah Brooks
Lost on Dress Parade O. Henry
Louis Hector H. Munro
Louise Hector H. Munro
Louise Somerset Maugham
Love Anton Chekhov
Love and Lightning John Oakum
Lullaby Maxim Gorky
Malachi's Cove Anthony Trollope
Mammon and The Archer O. Henry
The Man who kept his Money in a box Anthony Trollope
The Man Who Put Up At Gadsby's Mark Twain
The Man Who Worked for Collister Mary Tracy Earle
Mari d'Elle Anton Chekhov
Marjorie Daw Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Mark Hector H. Munro
Markheim Robert L Stevenson
Martin Burney O. Henry
Ma's Pretties Francis Buzzell
Mateo Falcone Prosper Merimee
Memnon The Philosopher, or Human Wisdom Voltaire
Memoirs of A Yellow Dog O. Henry
Minds in Ferment Anton Chekhov
Ministers of Grace Hector H. Munro
Minor Paragraphs John Oakum
Misery Anton Chekhov
Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty Stacy Aumonier
Miss Tempy's Watchers Sarah Orne Jewett
Morlvera Hector H. Munro
Moti Guj-Mutineer Rudyard Kipling
Mrs. Bullfrog (From Mosses from an Old Manse) Nathaniel Hawthorne
Mrs. Knollys Frederic Jesup Stimson
Mrs. Martin's Company Jane Barlow
Mrs Packletide's Tiger Hector H. Munro
Mr. Tolman Frank R. Stockton
MS. found in a Bottle Edgar Allan Poe
My Favourite Murder Ambrose Bierce
My Life Anton Chekhov
My Own True Ghost Story Rudyard Kipling
Naboth Rudyard Kipling
Namgay Doola Rudyard Kipling
Neighbours Anton Chekhov
Nemesis and The Candy Man O. Henry
Next to Reading Matter O. Henry
Notch Maxim Gorky
The O'conors of Castle Conor, County Mayo Anthony Trollope
Old Age Anton Chekhov
Old-Fashioned Farmers Nikolai Gogol
Old Jim Lawless John Oakum
Ole 'Stracted Thomas Nelson Page
On a Mountain Ambrose Bierce
On Approval Hector H. Munro
One Autumn Evening Maxim Gorky
One Autumn Night Maxim Gorky
One Kind of Officer Ambrose Bierce
One Officer, One Man Ambrose Bierce
One Of The Missing Ambrose Bierce
One Thousand Dollars O. Henry
On Greenhow Hill Rudyard Kipling
On Horseback Guy De Maupassant
Only a Subaltern Rudyard Kipling
On Official Duty Anton Chekhov
On the Road Anton Chekhov
Orpheus and Eurydice Ovid
Our Lady's Juggler Anatole France
Overdoing It Anton Chekhov
Oysters Anton Chekhov
Parker Adderson, Philosopher Ambrose Bierce
Past one at Rooney's O. Henry
The Peace of Mowsle Barton Hector H. Munro
Peasants Anton Chekhov
Peters as A Personal Magnet O. Henry
Phineus and The Harpies Appollonius of Rhodes
Polly Peablossom's Wedding Thomas A. Burke
Poor Man's Pudding Herman Melville
Portrait of King William III Mark Twain
Posie Van Dusen John Oakum
Posson Jone George W. Cable
Post-Mortem Poetry Mark Twain
Prince Roman Joseph Conrad
Proof of The Pudding O. Henry
The Purple of the Balkan kings Hector H. Munro
Quail Seed Hector H. Munro
Rappaccini's Daughter Nathaniel Hawthorne
Red Maxim Gorky
Reginald Hector H. Munro
Reginald at the Carlton Hector H. Munro
Reginald at the Theatre Hector H. Munro
Reginald in Russia Hector H. Munro
Reginald on Besetting Sins Hector H. Munro
Reginald on Christmas Presents Hector H. Munro
Reginald on House-Parties Hector H. Munro
Reginald on Tariffs Hector H. Munro
Reginald on the Academy Hector H. Munro
Reginald on Worries Hector H. Munro
Reginald's Choir Treat Hector H. Munro
Reginald's Christmas Revel Hector H. Munro
Reginald's Drama Hector H. Munro
Reginald's Peace Poem Hector H. Munro
Reginald's Rubaiyat Hector H. Munro
Reingelder and the German Flag Rudyard Kipling
The Reticence of Lady Anne Hector H. Munro
Rich Man's Crumbs Herman Melville
Rinconete and Cortadillo Miguel Cervantes
Roads of Destiny O. Henry
Roses, Ruses and Romance O. Henry
Saint Joan of Arc Mark Twain
Samuel Jack London
Savannah-la-Mar Thomas de Quincey
Science of Matrimony O. Henry
The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope Hector H. Munro
The Sex That Doesn't Shop Hector H. Munro
Shock Tactics Hector H. Munro
Shrove Tuesday Anton Chekhov
'Sieur George George W. Cable
Silence Leonid Andreyev
Sir Simon Eyer Thomas Deloney
Sisters of The Golden Circle O. Henry
Some Ways of Love Charlotte Mew
Sorrow Anton Chekhov
Springtime A la Carte O. Henry
Squire Petrick's Lady Thomas Hardy
Stage Coaching John Oakum
The Stampeding of Lady Bastable Hector H. Munro
Statistics John Oakum
The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes Rudyard Kipling
Strictly Business O. Henry
Such as Walk in Darkness Samuel Hopkins Adams
Summer Recreation John Oakum
Supers Frederick Booth
Supply and Demand O. Henry
Sylvie Gerard de Nerval
The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarrelled with Ivan Nikiforovich Nikolai Gogol
The Talking-Out of Tarrington Hector H. Munro
Tea Hector H. Munro
Telemachus, Friend O. Henry
Tennessee's Partner Francis Bret Harte
That Brute Simmons Arthur Morrison
The $30,000 Bequest Mark Twain
The Affair At Coulter's Ambrose Bierce
The Affair of The Clasps Maxim Gorky
The Amir's Homily Rudyard Kipling
The Apple-Tree Table Herman Melville
The Artist Oscar Wilde
The Assessor of Success O. Henry
The Background Hector H. Munro
The Badge of Policeman O' Roon O. Henry
The Bag Hector H. Munro
The Bagman's Story Charles Dickens
The Baker's Dozen Hector H. Munro
The Beauty Spot Alfred de Musset
The Beggar Anton Chekhov
The Belled Buzzard Irvin S. Cobb
The Bet Anton Chekhov
The Bird Market Anton Chekhov
The Birthday of the Infanta Oscar Wilde
The Black Monk Anton Chekhov
The Blind Man Kate Chopin
The Blind Spot Hector H. Munro
The Bloodless Onslaught John Oakum
The Blue and The Gray John Oakum
The Blue Hotel Stephen Crane
The Blue Room Prosper Merimee
The Boar-Pig Hector H. Munro
The Bridal of Janet Dalrymple Sir Walter Scott
The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Stephen Crane
The Brief Debut of Tildy O. Henry
The Brogue Hector H. Munro
The Brute Joseph Conrad
The Bull Hector H. Munro
The Buyer from Cactus City O. Henry
The Byzantine Omelette Hector H. Munro
The Californian's Tale Mark Twain
The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde
The Captain's Story Mark Twain
The Cat of the Cane-Brake Frederick Stuart Greene
The Cattle-Dealers Anton Chekhov
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Mark Twain
The Chaplet Hector H. Munro
The Chorus Girl Anton Chekhov
The Chronicles of Clovis Hector H. Munro
The City of Dreadful Night Rudyard Kipling
The Coming-Out of Maggie O. Henry
The Comments of Moung Ka Hector H. Munro
The Cook's Wedding Anton Chekhov
The Cop and the Anthem O. Henry
The Cossack Anton Chekhov
The Country Mouse and The Town Mouse AEsop
The Coup De Grace Ambrose Bierce
The Courting of Dinah Shadd Rudyard Kipling
The Crime at Pickett's Mill Ambrose Bierce
The Damned Thing Ambrose Bierce
The Danger of Lying in Bed Mark Twain
The Darling Anton Chekhov
The Day Resurgent O. Henry
The Dead James Joyce
The Death Disk Mark Twain
The Death of a Government Clerk Anton Chekhov
The Defeat of the City O. Henry
The Desire to be a Man Villiers De L Isle Adam
The Devoted Friend Oscar Wilde
The Diamond Lens Fitz-James O'brien
The Disabled Soldier Oliver Goldsmith
The Disappearance of Crispina Umberleigh Hector H. Munro
The Disciple Oscar Wilde
The Doctor Anton Chekhov
The Doer Of Good Oscar Wilde
The Door of Unrest O. Henry
The Dream Apuleius
The Dream O. Henry
The Dreamer Hector H. Munro
The Dream of Duncan Parrenness Rudyard Kipling
The Duel Anton Chekhov
The Duplicity of Hargraves O. Henry
The Elixir of Life Richard Garnett
The Elk Hector H. Munro
The Enchanted Profile O. Henry
The end of the path Newbold Noyes
The End of the World Murray R. Gilchrist
The Ethics of Pig O. Henry
The Fairy Amoureuse Emile Zola
The Feast of Nemesis Hector H. Munro
The Fifth Wheel O. Henry
The Finances of the Gods Rudyard Kipling
The First Bag Rudyard Kipling
The First Piano In Camp Samuel Davis
The Fish Anton Chekhov
The Fisherman and his Soul Oscar Wilde
The Five Boons of Life Mark Twain
The Flax Pounder Ernest Renan
The Forbidden Buzzards Hector H. Munro
The Four Friends Jean De La Fontaine
The Freshwater Fisherman Mary Russell Mitford
The Friendly Foe Mary Coleridge
The Furnished Room O. Henry
The Gala Programme Hector H. Munro
The Garden Party Katherine Mansfield
The Gentleman of La Porte Francis Bret Harte
The Ghost-Ship Richard B. Middleton
The Gift of the Magi O. Henry
The Gioconda Smile Aldous Huxley
The God of His Fathers Jack London
The Grasshopper Anton Chekhov
The Great Carbuncle Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number Gertrude Atherton
The Green Knight Anon.
The Guardian of the Accolade O. Henry
The Guests Hector H. Munro
The Guilty Party O. Henry
The Half-Brothers Mrs Gaskell
The Handbook of Hymen O. Henry
The Hand that Riles O. Henry
The Happiest Time Mary Stewart Cutting
The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde
The Haunted House Pliny the Younger
The Haunted Ships Allan Cunningham
The Head-Hunter O. Henry
The Head of the District Rudyard Kipling
The Head of the Family Anton Chekhov
The Hedgehog Hector H. Munro
The Hen Hector H. Munro
The Hermit Maxim Gorky
The Hill of Illusion Rudyard Kipling
The Hiltons' Holiday Sarah Orne Jewett
The House of Judgment Oscar Wilde
The Huntsman Anton Chekhov
The Hypotheses Of Failure O. Henry
The Idiots Joseph Conrad
The Idyll of Red Gulch Francis Bret Harte
The Image of the Lost Soul Hector H. Munro
The Indian's Hand Lorimer Stoddard
The Infernal Parliament Hector H. Munro
The Informer Joseph Conrad
The Inn of The Two Witches Joseph Conrad
The Interlopers Hector H. Munro
The Invalid's Story Mark Twain
The Journey to Panama Anthony Trollope
The Kiss Anton Chekhov
The Lady of Glenwith Grange Wilkie Collins
The Lady with the Dog Anton Chekhov
The Lagoon Joseph Conrad
The Lang Men o' Larut Rudyard Kipling
The Last Leaf O. Henry
The Last Lesson Alphonse Daudet
The Last of the Troubadours O. Henry
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Washington Irving
The Lightning-Rod Man Herman Melville
The Little Rheinschloss O. Henry
The Long Exile Leo Tolstoy
The Looking-glass Anton Chekhov
The Lost Blend O. Henry
The Lost Sanjak Hector H. Munro
The Love-Philtre of Ikey O. Henry
The Love Quarrel Agnes Strickland
The Magnetic Hearth James B. Connolly
The Making of A New Yorker O. Henry
The Man and the Snake Ambrose Bierce
The Man Higher Up O. Henry
The Man Who Stole a Meeting-House John Trowbridge
The Man Who Was Rudyard Kipling
The Mappined Life Hector H. Munro
The Marionettes O. Henry
The Mark of the Beast Rudyard Kipling
The Marshal's Widow Anton Chekhov
The Master Oscar Wilde
The Match Charles-Louis Philippe
The Match-Maker Hector H. Munro
The Matron of Ephesus Petronius
The Memento O. Henry
The Middle Years Henry James
The Miracle of Purun Bhagat Rudyard Kipling
The Mocking-Bird Ambrose Bierce
The Model Millionaire Oscar Wilde
The Moment of Victory O. Henry
The Monster Stephen Crane
The Mount of Sorrow Harriet Prescott Spofford
The Mouse Hector H. Munro
The Moving Finger Edith Wharton
The Mummy's Foot Theophile Gautier
The Murder Anton Chekhov
The Mutiny of the Mavericks Rudyard Kipling
The Mysterious Mansion Honore De Balzac
The Name-Day Hector H. Munro
The Necklace Guy De Maupassant
The New Villa Anton Chekhov
The Nice People Henry Cuyler Bunner
The Nightingale and the Rose Oscar Wilde
The Nose Nikolai Gogol
The Occasional Garden Hector H. Munro
The Old Bell-Ringer Vladimir Korolenko
The Old Folks at Home Alphonse Daudet
The Old Man's Tale about the Queer Client Charles Dickens
The Old Nurse's Story Mrs Gaskell
The Old Town of Pskoff Hector H. Munro
The Open Boat Stephen Crane
The Outcasts of Poker Flat Francis Bret Harte
The Overcoat Nikolai Gogol
The Oversight Hector H. Munro
The Paradise of Bachelors Herman Melville
The Passing of Black Eagle O. Henry
The Peace Offering Hector H. Munro
The Penance Hector H. Munro
The Pendulum O. Henry
The Phantom Luncheon Hector H. Munro
The Phantom 'Rickshaw Rudyard Kipling
The Philanthropist and the Happy Cat Hector H. Munro
The Piazza Herman Melville
The Pious Lady and The Gray Friar Marguerite de Navarre
The Poet and The Peasant O. Henry
The Portrait of Mr. W. H. Oscar Wilde
The Privy Councillor Anton Chekhov
The Quest Hector H. Munro
The Quince Tree Hector H. Munro
The Raft Alexander Harvey
The Real Thing Henry James
The Recessional Hector H. Munro
The Remarkable Rocket Oscar Wilde
The Requiem Anton Chekhov
The Return of Imray Rudyard Kipling
The Robbers of Egypt Heliodorus
The Romance of A Busy Broker O. Henry
The Romancers Hector H. Munro
The Rose of Dixie O. Henry
The Runaway Anton Chekhov
The Saint and the Goblin Hector H. Munro
The Sea-Farmer Jack London
The Sea-Raiders H G Wells
The Secret Sharer Joseph Conrad
The Selfish Giant Oscar Wilde
The Seven Cream Jugs Hector H. Munro
The Seventh Pullet Hector H. Munro
The Shadow Line Joseph Conrad
The Sheep Hector H. Munro
The Shepherdess and the Sweep Henryk Sienkiewicz
The Shipwreck of Simonides Phaedrus
The Shocks of Doom O. Henry
The Sickness of Lone Chief Jack London
The Signal Vsevolod Garshin
The Skylight Room O. Henry
The Sleuths O. Henry
The Snow Storm Alexander Pushkin
The Social Triangle O. Henry
The Soul of Laploshka Hector H. Munro
The Soul of the Great Bell Lafcadio Hearn
The Specter Bridegroom Washington Irving
The Sphinx without a Secret Oscar Wilde
The Square Egg Hector H. Munro
The Stake Hector H. Munro
The Star-Child Oscar Wilde
The Steppe Anton Chekhov
The Story in it Henry James
The Story of Abou Hassan the Wag Anon.
The Story of a Conscience Ambrose Bierce
The Story of an Hour Kate Chopin
The Story of Melissa John Hawkesworth
The Story of St Vespaluus Hector H. Munro
The Story-Teller Hector H. Munro
The Strategist Hector H. Munro
The Substitute Francois Coppee
The Tale Joseph Conrad
The Tale of A Tainted Tenner O. Henry
The Tapestried Chamber Sir Walter Scott
The Tartarus of Maids Herman Melville
The Teacher of Literature Anton Chekhov
The Teacher of Wisdom Oscar Wilde
The Tell-Tale Heart Edgar Allan Poe
The Thing's the Play O. Henry
The Third Ingredient O. Henry
The Threat Hector H. Munro
The Torture of Hope Villiers De L Isle Adam
The Toys of Peace Hector H. Munro
The Tree Of Knowledge Henry James
The Trimmed Lamp O. Henry
The Two Generals Anthony Trollope
The Unkindest Blow Hector H. Munro
The Veiled Portrait Wm. C. Honeyman
The Veteran Stephen Crane
The Wandering Jew Rudyard Kipling
The Warrior's Soul Joseph Conrad
The Way to the Dairy Hector H. Munro
The Wedding of Jenny Distaff Richard Steele
The Whale and the Grasshopper Seumas O'Brien
The Whale Tooth Jack London
The White Trout Samuel Lover
The Wife Anton Chekhov
The Witch Anton Chekhov
The Wolves of Cernogratz Hector H. Munro
The World and the Door O. Henry
The Yarkand Manner Hector H. Munro
The Yellow Face Arthur Conan Doyle
The Young King Oscar Wilde
Thimble, Thimble O. Henry
Thomas Johnson John Oakum
Thrawn Janet Robert L Stevenson
Three and One are One Ambrose Bierce
Three Years Anton Chekhov
Through the Fire Rudyard Kipling
Titbottom's Spectacles George WM. Curtis
Tobermory Hector H. Munro
To-morrow Joseph Conrad
Tom Tit Tot Anon.
True Relation of The Apparition of One Mrs. Veal Daniel Defoe
Twenty-Six Men and A Girl Maxim Gorky
Two Little Tales Mark Twain
Two Military Executions Ambrose Bierce
Two Renegades O. Henry
Typhoon Joseph Conrad
Typhus Anton Chekhov
Ulysses and The Dogman O. Henry
Uncle Daniel John Oakum
Under The Deodars Rudyard Kipling
Vanity and Some Sables O. Henry
Vanka Anton Chekhov
Verotchka Anton Chekhov
Volodya Anton Chekhov
Ward No. 6 Anton Chekhov
Was it Heaven? or Hell? Mark Twain
Wee Willie Winkie Rudyard Kipling
What I Saw of Shiloh Ambrose Bierce
What Occurred at Franklin Ambrose Bierce
When did you write your Mother Last? Addison Lewis
While the Auto Waits O. Henry
Whose Dog? Frances Gregg
Who Was She? Bayard Taylor
Will o' the Mill Robert L Stevenson
Witches' Loaves O. Henry
Without Benefit of Clergy Rudyard Kipling
Wratislav Hector H. Munro
A Young Turkish Catastrophe Hector H. Munro
Youth Joseph Conrad
Zelig Benjamin Rosenblatt
Zinotchka Anton Chekhov

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