Red mountains of Madagascar,
I see the Lybian, Arabian, and Asiatic deserts,
I see huge dreadful Arctic and Antarctic icebergs,
I see the superior oceans and the interior ones, the Atlantic
     and Pacific, the sea of Mexico, the Brazilian sea, and the
     sea of Peru,
The waters of Hindustan, the China sea, and the gulf of
The Japan waters, the beautiful bay of Nagasaki land-lock'd
     in its mountains,
The spread of the Baltic, Caspian, Bothnia, the British shores,
     and the bay of Biscay,
The clear-sunn'd Mediterranean, and from one to another of
     its islands,
The White sea, and the sea around Greenland.

I behold the mariners of the world,
Some are in storms, some in the night with the watch on the
Some drifting helplessly, some with contagious diseases.

I behold the sail and steamships of the world, some in
     clusters in port, some on their voyages,
Some double the cape of Storms, some cape Verde, others
     capes Guardafui, Bon, or Bajadore,
Others Dondra head, others pass the straits of Sunda, others
     cape Lopatka, others Behring's straits,
Others cape Horn, others sail the gulf of Mexico or along
     Cuba or Hayti, others Hudson's bay or Baffin's bay,
Others pass the straits of Dover, others enter the Wash,
     others the firth of Solway, others round cape Clear,
     others the Land's End,
Others traverse the Zuyder Zee or the Scheld,
Others as comers and goers at Gibraltar or the Dardanelles,
Others sternly push their way through the northern winterpacks,
Others descend or ascend the Obi or the Lena,
Others the Niger or the Congo, others the Indus, the
     Burampooter and Cambodia,
Others wait steam'd up ready to start in the ports of
Wait at Liverpool, Glasgow, Dublin, Marseilles, Lisbon,
     Naples, Hamburg, Bremen, Bordeaux, the Hague,
Wait at Valparaiso, Rio Janeiro, Panama.


I see the tracks of the railroads of the earth,
I see them in Great Britain, I see them in Europe,
I see them in Asia and in Africa.

I see the electric telegraphs of the earth,
I see the filaments of the news of the wars, deaths, losses,
     gains, passions, of my race.

I see the long river-stripes of the earth,
I see the Amazon and the Paraguay,
I see the four great rivers of China, the Amour, the Yellow
     River, the Yiang-tse, and the Pearl,
I see where the Seine flows, and where the Danube, the Loire,
     the Rhone, and the Guadalquiver flow,

I see the windings of the Volga, the Dnieper, the Oder,
I see the Tuscan going down the Arno, and the Venetian
     along the Po,
I see the Greek seaman sailing out of Egina bay.


I see the sight of the old empire of Assyria, and that of
     Persia, and that of India,
I see the falling of the Ganges over the high rim of Saukara.

I see the place of the idea of the Deity incarnated by avatars
     in human forms,
I see the spots of the successions of priests on the earth,
     oracles, sacrificers, brahmins, sabians, Ilamas, monks,
     muftis, exhorters,
I see where druids walk'd the groves of Mona, I see the
     mistletoe and vervain,
I see the temples of the deaths of the bodies of Gods, I see the
     old signifiers.

I see Christ eating the bread of his last supper in the midst of
     youths and old persons,
I see where the strong divine young man the Hercules toil'd
     faithfully and long and then died,
I see the place of the innocent rich life and hapless fate of the
     beautiful nocturnal son, the full-limb'd Bacchus,
I see Kneph, blooming, drest in blue, with the crown of
     feathers on his head,
I see Hermes, unsuspected, dying, well-belov'd, saying to the
     people Do not weep for me,
This is not my true country, I have lived banish'd from my true
     country, I now go back there,

I return to the celestial sphere where every one goes in his turn.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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