III. 9. fors, except.

ENV. 3. et perdissiez, even if you lose.

Auteur inconnu .

18. Complainte populaire. V. 2. orée, edge.

19. Complainte Normande. 4. soulliés, were wont.

15. bon cueur fin, `right good will.'

Basselin lived in the Val de Vire, and wrote joyous H h 2 ballads of love and war. We may presume that he died fighting against the English, though the word Engloys admits of another interpretation. This, in the interests of romance, we forbear from giving.

Charles d'Orleans . Father of Louis XII. Taken prisoner at Azincourt and remained in England for twenty- five years.

20. Balade. En regardant ... I. 6. Combien, although.

III. 6. mais qu'ainsi soit, if it so happens.

ENV. 3. destourbé, hindered.

21. Balade. Nouvelles ont couru ... II. 6. liesse, joy.

III. 6. hoir, heir.

ENV. 3. tiengne pour tout voir, hold for certain.

22. Balade. Priez pour paix ... II. 3. clergie, science.

25. Les fourriers d'Esté ... I. fourriers, servants who precede travellers in order to find lodging. 9. pieça, il y a pièce, for long. II. prenez pais, begone!

27. Allez-vous en ... 3. cuidez, think (cogitare).

28. Laissez-moy penser ... 9. rapaise, grow tranquil again.

29. Saluez moy ... 2. chiere, mien. lie, happy. 7. or n'y suis je mye, I am not a whit there (i.e. with youth) now. 15. sanglé, girthed.

Villon . His realname was probably Montcorbier. He studied and took degrees at the University of Paris. In 1455, having killed a man in a quarrel, he had to disappear, and thenceforward he led a life more thrilling than reputable in the company of a select band of scoundrels. He possessed some influence in high places, which rescued him from the gallows; he was set free from the prison of Meung-sur-Loire in 1461. How and when he died is unknown. [OEuvres complètes de François Villon. Aug. Longnon, Paris, 1892. Étude biographique sur François Villon. Aug. Longnon, Paris, 1877.]

30. La Belle Hëaulmiere. I. 2. bëaulmiere, `armouress,' courtesan. Probably so called from a peculiar headdress worn by filles de joie. 7. fiere, strike.

II. 6. repentailles, remorse. 8. truandailles, filthy beggars.

IV. I. detrayner, drag about.

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