6. Balade amoureuse. II. 6. octroy, permission. ENV. I. a point, aptly.

7. Balade. Or n'est il fleur ... I. 5. crespe, curled. II. 9. determiné, inexorable.

ENV. I. , age. 4. `thus both ages will be pleasant for him.'

8. Balade (Guesclin). I. 9, querre, lament.

II. 2. entierement, dial. form of enterrement. 3. or t'avence, come forward now. 4. quier lui son mouvement, grieve for his going (? monument). 7. Tragediens, tragic authors.

III. 5. Guesclin crioit, `Guesclin!' was his battle-cry.

9. Balade (Chaucer). I. 7. Isle aux Geans: according to mediaeval notions, England was inhabited by giants until Brutus conquered it.

III. I. Helye, Helicon. 3. doys, fount. baillie, power. 9. Clifford, English knight, a lover of letters.

Chaucer went to France in 1377, probably on a diplomatic errand. The ballad was written in 1391.

10. Rondel. Venez à mon jubilé. Tarbé sees an allusion in this poem to the Papal jubilee celebrated by Boniface IX in 1400. An immense number of pilgrims went to Rome from every country but France, which supported Benedict XIII, then at Avignon.

Christine de Pisan . Daughter of Thomas de Pisan, astrologer to Charles V; married to Étienne de Castel; widow at 25. She was famous in France, England, and Italy. Her works have been printed by the Société des Anciens Textes Français.

II. Balade. Or est venu ... I. 7. entroublie esmay, `forgets its grief.'

II. I. par degois, for joy. 7. mais mieulx cognois, ... `but you will understand me better if you ever loved.'

III. 6. desvoye, `combines to change.'

12. Balade. Tant avez fait ... I. 7. au fort, after all.

III. 2. faintise, deceit.

ENV. 2. j'oy, I hear.

13. Balade. Jadis par amours ... I. 7. voir, true.

II. I. jus, down to earth. 6. mettoient en nonchaloir, thought nothing of.

III. 4. satirielz, little satyrs.

ENV. 3. adresces, wiles.

14. Rians vairs yeulx ... I. vairs, changing, flashing.

15. Se souvent vais ... I. moustier, church.

Alain Chartier . Born at Bayeux, studied at the University of Paris; secretary to Charles VII; went abroad on various political missions.

17. Balade. O folz des folz ... II. 9. loz, renown.

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