`Tell Mr Heathcliff,' he answered calmly, `that his son shall come to Wuthering Heights tomorrow. He is in bed, and too tired to go the distance now. You may also tell him that the mother of Linton desired him to remain under my guardianship; and, at present, his health is very precarious.'

`Noa!' said Joseph, giving a thud with his prop on the floor, and assuming an authoritative air; `noa! that manes nowt. Hathecliff maks noa 'cahnt uh t' mother, nur yah norther; bud he'll hev his lad; und Aw mun tak him--soa nah yah knaw!'

`You shall not tonight!' answered Linton decisively. `Walk downstairs at once, and, repeat to your master what I have said. Ellen, show him down. Go--'

And, aiding the indignant elder with a lift by the arm, he rid the room of him, and closed the door.

`Varrah weell!' shouted Joseph, as he slowly drew off. `Tuhmorn, he's come hisseln, un thrust him aht, if yah darr!'

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