`You gave him a curtain lecture, did you?'

`No; but I told him I disliked such conduct, and he promised me not to repeat it.'

`I thought he looked rather subdued this morning,' she continued; `and you, Helen; you've been weeping, I see--that's our grand resource, you know--but doesn't it make your eyes smart?--and do you always find it to answer?'

`I never cry for effect; nor can I conceive how anyone can.'

`Well, I don't know: I never had occasion to try it;--but I think if Lowborough were to commit such improprieties, I'd make him cry. I don't wonder at your being angry, for I'm sure I'd give my husband a lesson he would not soon forget for a lighter offence than that. But then he never will do anything of the kind; for I keep him in too good order for that.'

`Are you sure you don't arrogate too much of the credit to yourself? Lord Lowborough was quite as remarkable for his abstemiousness for some time before you married him, as he is now, I have heard.'

`Oh, about the wine you mean--yes, he's safe enough for that, And as to looking askance to another woman--he's safe enough for that too, while I live, for he worships the very ground I tread on.'

`Indeed! and are you sure you deserve it?'

`Why, as to that, I can't say: you know we're all fallible creatures, Helen; we none of us deserve to be worshipped. But are you sure your darling Huntingdon deserves all the love you give to him?'

I knew not what to answer to this. I was burning with anger; but I suppressed all outward manifestations of it, and only bit my lip and pretended to arrange my work.

`At any rate,' resumed she, pursuing her advantage, `you can console yourself with the assurance that you are worthy of all the love he gives to you.'

`You flatter me,' said I; `but at least, I can try to be worthy of it.' And then I turned the conversation.

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