that nothing could be done--and sadly grieved to find her case so hopeless. But I am fully determined, Mrs Markham, that my daughters--shall--not--consort with her. Do you adopt the same resolution with regard to yours!--As for your sons--as for you, young man,' he continued, sternly turning to me.

`As for ME, sir,--' I began, but checked by some impediment in my utterance, and finding that my whole frame trembled with fury, I said no more--but took the wiser part of snatching up my hat and bolting from the room, slamming the door behind me with a bang that shook the house to its foundations and made my mother scream--and gave a momentary relief to my excited feelings.

The next minute saw me hurrying with rapid strides in the direction of Wildfell Hall--to what intent or purpose I could scarcely tel!, but I must be moving somewhere, and no other goal would do--I must see her, too, and speak to her--that was certain, but what to say or how to act, I had no definite idea. Such stormy thoughts--so many different resolutions--crowded in upon me, hat my mind was little better than a chaos of conflicting passions.

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