walk to Oakham Mount. Parental
?Thurs 8 Oct. Darcy dines at Longbourn.
Before Christmas
The double wedding. The Gardiners are
`to come to Pemberley at Christmas'.
[E-text editor's note: The
novel Shirley by Charlotte Bronte"
is set during almost the same time-period. The double wedding
is the climax of Shirley takes place in August 1812, the
same month that Lydia causes trouble in Pride_and_Prejudice.]
Index of Characters
Mrs. Annesley, companion to Georgiana Darcy.
Mr. BENNET, of Longbourn-house
in Hertfordshire; the estate was
about #2,000 a year, and #5,000 was settled on his wife and
children; m. ----
Gardiner, daughter of a Meryton attorney,
Their children: Jane, 22, m. Charles Bingley; Elizabeth,
20, m. Fitzwilliam Darcy; Mary, `obtained nothing higher
than one of her uncle Philips's clerks' (Memoir);
`satisfactorily married to a clergyman near
Pemberley' (Memoir); Lydia, 15-16, m. George Wickham.
Charles BINGLEY, 22, #100,000; it is implied that he lived in
London; m. Jane Bennet. His sisters: Louisa,
m. Mr. Hurst; Caroline, #20,000.
Captain Carter, of the ----shire Militia.
Mr. Chamberlayne,
of the ----shire Militia.
The Rev. William COLLINS, Rector of Hunsford in Kent, cousin
and heir to Mr.
Bennet; 25; at one of the Universities; 
m. Charlotte Lucas.
Mr. DARCY the elder, of Pemberley in Derbyshire, 
m. Lady Anne
Fitzwilliam; Fitzwilliam Darcy, his son, of Pemberley (and a
town house not named), 28,
#10,000 a year; m. Elizabeth
Bennet. His sister Georgiana, 16, #30,000.
Dawson, Lady Catherine's
Sir Lewis DE BOURGH, of Rosings Park in Kent; his widow, the
Rt. Hon. Lady Catherine de Bourgh,
daughter of the Earl of ----
and sister of Lady Anne Darcy; their daughter, Anne.
Mr. Denny, of the ----
shire Militia.
Colonel Fitzwilliam, younger son of the Earl of ----, nephew of
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
and of Lady Anne Darcy.
Colonel Forster, commanding the ----shire Militia; Harriet his
of Gracechurch-street, brother of Mrs. Bennet;
his wife M----; their four young children.
The Gouldings
(William named) of Haye-Park.
Miss Grantley, an acquaintance of Caroline Bingley.
Haggerston, an
Miss Harriet and Miss Pen Harrington.
Mrs. Hill, housekeeper at Longbourn.
Mr. Hurst, of
Grosvenor-street; m. Louisa Bingley.
Mrs. Jenkinson, Miss de Bourgh's companion.
John, the Collins's
John, the Gardiners' servant.
Mr. Jones, apothecary at Meryton.
Miss Mary King, heiress of
Mrs. Long; her two nieces.
Sir William LUCAS, Knight, and Lady Lucas, of Lucas Lodge;
children, Charlotte, 27, m. Mr. Collins; Maria; younger
Miss Lucases; a boy.
Lady Metcalfe, an acquaintance
of Lady Catherine.
Mr. Morris.
Mrs. Nicholls, housekeeper at Netherfield.
Mr. Philips, attorney in Meryton; 
m. Miss ---- Gardiner.
Miss Pope, governess in Lady Metcalfe's family.
Mr. Pratt, of the ----shire Militia.
Mrs. Reynolds, housekeeper at Pemberley.
Mr. Robinson, of Meryton neighborhood.
Sally/Sarah (in
chapters 47 and 55, respectively -- may be the
same individual), servant(s).
Mr. Stone, Mr. Gardiner's
Miss Watson, of Meryton.
The Miss Webbs, acquaintances of Lady Catherine.
steward to old Mr. Darcy; his son George;
Lieutenant in the ----shire Militia; Cambridge; m. Lydia
Mrs. Younge, former governess to Georgiana Darcy.
Genealogical Charts for the Characters in _Pride and Prejudice_
Bennets, Philipses, and Gardiners
Collins is a cousin of Mr. Bennet.
| | |
| | |
Mr. Bennet === Mrs. Bennet
Mrs. Philips === Mr. Philips Edward === M----
| Gardiner |
+--------+-+-----+-------+-------+ |
| | | | | +--+--+--
Jane Elizabeth Mary "Kitty" Lydia | | | |
[Catherine] Four children
Darcys, Fitzwilliams, and De Bourghs
The individuals in parentheses died before the main action of
the novel begins.
(Old Earl of ----,
| | |
(Old Mr. === (Lady current Lady === (Sir Lewis
| Anne) Earl of ---- Catherine | de Bourgh)
| | |
+------+------+ +---+------+ |
| | | | |
Fitzwilliam Georgiana
elder Colonel Anne de
Darcy Darcy son(s) Fitzwilliam Bourgh
Lucases and Bingleys
Sir William ===
Lady +----------+----------+
Lucas | Lucas | | |
| | | |
+---------+----------+ Charles Caroline Louisa === Mr.
| | Bingley Bingley Hurst
Charlotte Maria other boys
Lucas Lucas and girls

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