`So much the worse for the sun, monsieur. The sun will be wrong, then!'

And the worthy fellow returned the watch to its fob with a defiant gesture. After a few minutes' silence, Fix resumed: `You left London hastily, then?'

`I rather think so! Last Friday at eight o'clock in the evening, Monsieur Fogg came home from his club, and three-quarters of an hour afterwards we were off.'

`But where is your master going?'

`Always straight ahead. He is going round the world.'

`Round the world?' cried Fix.

`Yes, and in eighty days! He says it is on a wager; but, between us, I don't believe a word of it. That wouldn't be common sense. There's something else in the wind.'

`Ah! Mr Fogg is a character, is he?'

`I should say he was.'

`Is he rich?'

`No doubt, for he is carrying an enormous sum in brand-new bank-notes with him. And he doesn't spare the money on the way, either: he has offered a large reward to the engineer of the `Mongolia' if he gets us to Bombay well in advance of time.'

`And you have known your master a long time?'

`Why, no; I entered his service the very day we left London.'

The effect of these replies upon the already suspicious and excited detective may be imagined. The hasty departure from London Soon after the robbery; the large sum carried by Mr Fogg; his eagerness to reach distant countries; the pretext of an eccentric and foolhardy bet, - all confirmed Fix in his theory. He continued to pump poor Passepartout, and learned that he really knew little or nothing of his master, who lived a solitary existence in London, was said to be rich, though no one knew whence came his riches, and was mysterious and impenetrable in his affairs and habits. Fix felt sure that Phileas Fogg would not land at Suez, but was really going on to Bombay.

`Is Bombay far from here?' asked Passepartout.

`Pretty far. It is a ten days' voyage by sea.'

`And in what country is Bombay?'


`In Asia?'


`The deuce! I was going to tell you - there's one thing that worries me - my burner!'

`What burner?'

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