The Warden
Table of contents
Chapter 1 Hiram's Hospital  
Chapter 2 The Barchester Reformer  
Chapter 3 The Bishop of Barchester  
Chapter 4 Hiram's Bedesmen  
Chapter 5 Dr. Grantly Visits the Hospital  
Chapter 6 The Warden's Tea Party  
Chapter 7 The Jupiter  
Chapter 8 Plumstead Episcopi  
Chapter 9 The Conference  
Chapter 10 Tribulation  
Chapter 11 Iphigenia  
Chapter 12 Mr. Bold'S Visit to Plumstead  
Chapter 13 The Warden's Decision  
Chapter 14 Mount Olympus  
Chapter 15 Tom Towers, Dr.Anticant, and Mr.Sentiment  
Chapter 16 A Long Day in London  
Chapter 17 Sir Abraham Haphazard  
Chapter 18 The Warden is very Obstinate  
Chapter 19 The Warden Resigns  
Chapter 20 Farewell  
Chapter 21 Conclusion  

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