`Did he?' and Jo opened her eyes as if it had never occurred to her before.

`I never saw such a girl! You don't know a compliment when you get it,' said Meg, with the air of a young lady who knew all about the matter.

`I think they are great nonsense, and I'll thank you not to be silly, and spoil my fun. Laurie's a nice boy, and I like him, and I won't have any sentimental stuff about compliments and such rubbish. We'll all be good to him, because he hasn't got any mother, and he may come over and see us, mayn't he, Marmee?'

`Yes, Jo, your little friend is very welcome, and I hope Meg will remember that children should be children as long as they can.'

`I don't call myself a child, and I'm not in my teens yet,' observed Amy. `What do you say, Beth?'

`I was thinking about our Pilgrim's Progress,' answered Beth, who had not heard a word. `How we got out of the Slough and through the Wicket Gate by resolving to be good, and up the steep hill by trying; and that maybe the house over there full of splendid things, is going to be our Palace Beautiful.'

`We have got to get by the lions, first,' said Jo, as if she rather liked the prospect.

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