Mary Shelley’s Chronology for Valperga

1249Eccelino da Romano besieged the rock of Este.
1260Farinata enters Florence with the help of [the] Manfred. Battle of Arbia or Montaperto.
1266Death of Manfred.
1282Sicilian Vespers.
1300Beginning of the Blacks and Whites at Florence. The Donati Blacks the Cerchi Whites—Both are banished {from} Florence— The Whites return.
1301The Whites [oppre] suppress the Blacks at Florence & Pistoia. The Blacks triumph at Lucca and exile Castruccio and his family—he was then 20. Charles of Valois enters Tuscany. Dante and the father of Petrarch exiles {in fact Dante was exiled on 27 January 1302 as the next entry indicates}.
1302Dante exiled January—League of the Tyrants of Lombardy against the Visconti. Visconti exiled.
1303Death of Pope Boniface VIII. The league formed by Alberto Scotto against the Visconti turns against himself—[Bon] Pontificate of Benet {i.e. Benedict} XI—Mission of Cardinal of Prato in January—the Black{s} force him to retire.
1304Death of Benet {i.e. Pope Benedict XI} poisoned—Cardinal di Prato excommunicates Florence—Fête d’enfer at Florence. Petrarch born.
1305Clement V—Pope—The Florentines attack Pistoia to drive out the Whites—Siege of Pistoia [Pistoia surrenders].
1306Modena & Reggio shake of{f} the [yoil] yoke of the House of Este—Jealousy of the Genoese & Venetians—Cardinal Prato wishes to interest the Pope in Pistoia—The Florentines excite a revolt at Bologna and the Whites are driven out—Pistoia surrenders.
1307Cardinal Orsini wishes to bring back the Whites to Florence but his army is dissipated {i.e. disperses}.
1308Blacks triumph in Tuscany—Donati detaches himself from his party—he kills himself. Death of Albert of Austria—Henry of Luxemburgh king of the Romans.
1309The revolt of the Pistoians. Henry VII possesses Bohemia— prepares to pass into Italy—Death of Charles II of Naples. Robert succeeds him.
1310Henry receives the deputies from Italy at Lausanne—He arrives at Milan. Revolutions at Venice.
1311The Temples {i.e. The Knights Templars} condemned—Henry crowned at Milan—He pacifies the factions in Lombardy— besieges Brescia—Brescians capitulate—arrives at Genoa— dissentions of Vicenza & Padua.
1312Negotiations between Robert & the King of Naples {a mistranslation of Sismondi’s text; Mary’s translation should read ‘Negotiations between Henry VII and Robert King of Naples’}. He sends envoys to Tuscany—arrives at Pisa—at Rome—combats with the Neapolitans—The imperial army before Florence—War between Padua and Cane della Scala.
1313Henry leaves Florence & encamps at Poggibonzi. A new army arrives for the Emperor—attacks Naples—The Florentines give Robert the Lordship of their town. Henry dies. Distress of the Pisans—they give their town to Uguccione della Faggiuola— Preparations of the Guelphs of Tuscany to suppress the Ghibelines.
1314Robert imperial Vicar of Italy—Treaty between Robert, the Guelphs & the Pisans. Uguccione prevents the ratification. The Lucchese obliged to recall their exiles. Uguccione takes Lucca. The Florentines call upon the princes of Naples to make war against him—Ravality {i.e. Rivalry} of the houses of Austria & Luxemburgh. Two Emperors—death of Clement V. Louis succeeds Philip le Bel—in France.
1315Philip of Tarentum at the head of the Florentines—Battle of Montecatini—Tyranny of Uguccione at Lucca & Pisa.
1316Revolt of Lucca—Revolt of Pisa—Uguccione driven from both— John XXII Pope.
1317Pacification between the Guelphs & Ghibelines of Tuscany— Visconti excommunicated by the Pope—In April peace between Lucca & Florence—In August Ferrara rebels against the Pope—
1319Ghibelines before Genoa forced by Robert to raise the siege.
1320Philip of Valois passes into Italy to attack the Ghibelines—he retires—Castruccio Lord of Lucca—He declares war against the Florentines.
1321The Florentines unsuccessful against Castruccio.
1322The Visconti. Civil War between the German Emperors— Revolution of Pisa—C.C. {i.e. Castruccio Castracani} wishes to surprise it—His war on Pistoia. The Abbé of Pacciana possesses himself of it. Intrigues of Pacciana & C.C.—Petrarch at Bologna.
1323The Abbé is supplanted by Philip Tédici his nephew—Castruccio invades the Florentine States & menaces Prato. Efforts of the Pisans to defend Sardinia. Castruccio endeavours to get Pisa.
1324The emperor excommunicated by the Pope. Intrigues of Castruccio with Tédici. The Pisans cede Sardinia to the King of Aragon.
1325C.C. buys the lordship of Pistoia & takes possession of it. The Florentines put Raimond of Cardona at the head of their army. Triumph of C.C. over the Florentines. Petrarch loses his mother.
1326The Florentines [br] give the Lordship of their Town to the Duke of Calabria. Petrarch loses his father [and] returns to Avignon.
1327Castruccio solicits Louis of Bavaria to come to Tuscany—he makes him take the route to Pisa. Siege of Pisa—Dutchy of Castruccio {i.e. Louis establishes Castruccio’s estates as a dukedom}—Ceccoli d’Ascoli burnt at Florence for a sorcerer.
1328Castruccio goes to Rome with Louis. Pistoia surprized—C. returns to Tuscany & takes Pistoia. Dies. Cane della Scala takes Padua.

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