In the summer of 1842, the author of this narrative, as a sailor before the mast, visited the Marquesas Islands in an American South Seaman. At the island of Nukuheva he left his vessel, which afterward sailed without him. Wandering in the interior, he came upon the valley of Typee, inhabited by a primitive tribe of savages, from which valley a fellow-sailor who accompanied him soon afterward effected his escape. The author, however, was detained in an indulgent captivity for about the space of four months; at the end of which period, he escaped in a boat which visited the bay.

This boat belonged to a vessel in need of men, which had recently touched at a neighbouring harbour of the same island, where the captain had been informed of the author’s detention in Typee. Desirous of adding to his crew, he sailed round thither, and “hove to” off the mouth of the bay. As the Typees were considered hostile, the boat, manned by “Taboo” natives from the other harbour, was then sent in, with an interpreter at their head, to procure the author’s release. This was finally accomplished, though not without peril to all concerned. At the time of his escape, the author was suffering severely from lameness.

The boat having gained the open sea, the ship appeared in the distance. Here the present narrative opens.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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