List of Illustrations

Chairing Tom in the Quadrangle
Chapter 1.
Initial. St. George
White Horse Hill
The Vagabond
Chapter 2.
Initial. Church Door
Tom after the Pig
Benjy, Tom, and the Girls at the Fair
Willum’s Defeat at Back-swording
Chapter 3.
Tom and Old Benjy going a-fishing
Tom in the Elm-tree
Capture of Tom and Jacob Doodle-calf at the School-porch
Tom and Playmates coming Home
Chapter 4.
Initial. The Boots waking Tom
Squire Brown’s Parting Words
The Battle with the “Pats”
Chapter 5.
Initial. The Rugby Gateway
Passage and Studies
The Close
Preparing for Football
Tom’s First Exploit at Football
Chapter 6.
Initial. The Fives’ Court
Waiting for Roast Potatoes in Sally Harrowell’s Kitchen
Chapter 7.
Initial. The Chapel
The Night Fag
Tadpole’s Mishap
Reception by the Doctor of Tom, East, and the Tadpole
Old Thomas in his Den
Tom going Home
Chapter 8.
Initial. The Master’s Desk
Roasting a Fag
Chapter 9.
Initial. Tom and East on the Tower
Flashman’s Defeat by Tom and East
Tom discovered by Velveteens
Chapter 1.
Initial. East and Mrs. Wixie
Tom’s first Sight of Arthur
Tom’s first Defence of Arthur
Chapter 2.
Initial. Tom and Arthur in Cloister
Tom comforting Arthur
Chapter 3.
Initial. Fall of the Magpies
Martin’s Blow-up
Chapter 4.
Initial. The Spinney
Climbing the Fir-tree after the Kestrel’s Nest
Tom and East plucking the Duck
Running for a Convoy
Chapter 5.
Initial. Doctor’s Turret Door
The Fight
The Doctor’s Counsel to Young Brooke
Chapter 6.
Initial. Arthur in the Study
Tom’s Visit to Arthur after the Fever
Tom and Arthur’s Mother
Chapter 7.
Initial. The Conquering Knight
East unburthening himself to Tom
Chapter 8.
Initial. The Tenantless Study
Country Dance in the School- close
The Conversation during the Match
Tom and the Master’s Survey of the Cook’s Cupboard
Chapter 9.
Initial. Tom fishing for Sea Trout
Tom’s Visit to the Tomb of Dr. Arnold

Engraved by J. D. Cooper.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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