History of the Novel
Guide to Fiction
In the "General" fiction section you will find the Bibliomania guide to the development of prose fiction since Anglo-Saxon times. It is intended to give an outline of how spoken and sung stories before 1066 came to be written down, and how subsequently they became what we know as 'the novel'. We also trace how this in turn has altered with the influence of different authors - a large proportion of who can be found on Bibliomania. Hopefully this guide will provide students of English Literature and those with an interest in the novel with a useful sense of the history of that form. Inevitably, certain inclusions and exclusions are likely to prove controversial but, as a rule, I have included details about the key trends and players in fiction without necessarily referring to bandwagon-jumpers and authors of only esoteric interest.

In the future we may not only expand and extend this guide, according to your feedback and suggestions (e-mail them to comments@bibliomania.com) but also offer other helpful essays and articles here. For more detailed analysis of individual authors and texts, go to the study guides in the Study section of Bibliomania.

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