`I don't know.'

`She's pretty, isn't she!'

`Yes - nothing to complain of; or jump at. Not much to depend on, though; a slim, fidgety little thing like that.'

`He's a nice-looking chap, too! You ought to ha' stuck to un, Arabella.'

`I don't know but I ought,' murmured she.

Anny laughed. `That's you, Arabella! Always wanting another man than your own.'

`Well, and what woman don't I should like to know? As for that body with him - she don't know what love is - at least what I call love! I can see in her face she don't.'

`And perhaps, Abby dear, you don't know what she calls love.'

`I'm sure I don't wish to! ... Ah - they are making for the art department. I should like to see some pictures myself. Suppose we go that way? - Why, if all Wessex isn't here, I verily believe! There's Dr. Vilbert. Haven't seen him for years, and he's not looking a day older than when I used to know him. How do you do, Physician? I was just saying that you don't look a day older than when you knew me as a girl.'

`Simply the result of taking my own pills regular, ma'am. Only two and threepence a box - warranted efficacious by the Government stamp. Now let me advise you to purchase the same immunity from the ravages of time by following my example? Only two-and-three.'

The physician had produced a box from his waistcoat pocket, and Arabella was induced to make the purchase.

`At the same time,' continued he, when the pills were paid for, `you have the advantage of me, Mrs. - Surely not Mrs. Fawley, once Miss Donn, of the vicinity of Marygreen?'

`Yes. But Mrs. Cartlett now.'

`Ah - you lost him, then? Promising young fellow! A pupil of mine, you know. I taught him the dead languages. And believe me, he soon knew nearly as much as I.'

`I lost him; but not as you think,' said Arabella dryly `The lawyers untied us. There he is, look, alive and lusty; along with that young woman, entering the art exhibition.'

`Ah - dear me! Fond of her, apparently.'

`They say they are cousins.'

`Cousinship is a great convenience to their feelings, I should say?'

`Yes. So her husband thought, no doubt, when he divorced her.... Shall we look at the pictures, too?'

The trio followed across the green and entered. Jude and Sue, with the child, unaware of the interest they were exciting, had gone up to a model at one end of the building, which they regarded with considerable attention for a long while before they went on. Arabella and her friends came to it in due course, and the inscription it bore was: `Model of Cardinal College, Christminster; by J. Fawley and S. F. M. Bridehead.'

`Admiring their own work,' said Arabella. `How like Jude - always thinking of colleges and Christminster, instead of attending to his business!'

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