Wives and Daughters
Table of contents
Chapter 1  The Dawn of a Gala Day  
Chapter 2  A Novice amongst the Great Folk  
Chapter 3  Molly Gibson's Childhood  
Chapter 4  Mr. Gibson's Neighbours  
Chapter 5  Calf-love  
Chapter 6  A Visit to the Hamleys  
Chapter 7  Foreshadows of Love Perils  
Chapter 8  Drifting into Danger  
Chapter 9  The Widower and the Widow  
Chapter 10  A Crisis  
Chapter 11  Making Friendship  
Chapter 12  Preparing for the Wedding  
Chapter 13  Molly Gibson's New Friends  
Chapter 14  Molly finds herself patronised  
Chapter 15  The New Mamma  
Chapter 16  The Bride at Home  
Chapter 17  Trouble at Hamley Hall  
Chapter 18  Mr. Osborne's Secret  
Chapter 19  Cynthia's Arrival  
Chapter 20  Mrs. Gibson's Visitors  
Chapter 21  The Half-sisters  
Chapter 22  The Old Squire's Troubles  
Chapter 23  Osborne Hamley reviews his Position  
Chapter 24  Mrs. Gibson's Little Dinner  
Chapter 25  Hollingford in a Bustle  
Chapter 26  A Charity Ball  
Chapter 27  Father and Sons  
Chapter 28  Rivalry  
Chapter 29  Bush-fighting  
Chapter 30  Old Ways and New Ways  
Chapter 31  A Passive Coquette  
Chapter 32  Coming Events  
Chapter 33  Brightening Prospects  
Chapter 34  A Lover's Mistake  
Chapter 35  The Mother's Manoeuvre  
Chapter 36  Domestic Diplomacy  
Chapter 37  A Fluke, and what came of it  
Chapter 38  Mr. Kirkpatrick, Q.C.  
Chapter 39  Secret Thoughts ooze out  
Chapter 40  Molly Gibson breathes freely  
Chapter 41  Gathering Clouds  
Chapter 42  The Storm bursts  
Chapter 43  Cynthia's Confession  
Chapter 44  Molly Gibson to the Rescue  
Chapter 45  Confidences  
Chapter 46  Hollingford Gossips  
Chapter 47  Scandal and its Victims  
Chapter 48  An Innocent Culprit  
Chapter 49  Molly Gibson finds a Champion  
Chapter 50  Cynthia at Bay  
Chapter 51  "Troubles never come alone"  
Chapter 52  Squire Hamley's Sorrow  
Chapter 53  Unlooked-for Arrivals  
Chapter 54  Molly Gibson's Worth is discovered  
Chapter 55  An Absent Lover returns  
Chapter 56  "Off with the Old Love, and on with the New"  
Chapter 57  Bridal Visits and Adieux  
Chapter 58  Reviving Hopes and Brightening Prospects  
Chapter 59  Molly Gibson at Hamley Hall  
Chapter 60  Roger Hamley's Confession  
Concluding Remarks    

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