Plan of Campaign

D’Artagnan went straight to M. de Tréville’s hôtel. He had considered that in a few minutes the cardinal would be warned by this cursed unknown, who appeared to be his agent, and he rightly judged he had not a moment to lose.

The young man’s heart overflowed with joy. An opportunity presented itself to him in which there would be both glory and money to be gained, and as a far higher encouragement still, had just brought him into close intimacy with the woman he adored. This chance was doing, then, for him, almost at once, more than he would have dared to ask of Providence.

“You have something to say to me, my young friend?” said M. de Tréville.

“Yes, sir,” said D’Artagnan; “and you will pardon me, I hope, for having disturbed you when you know the importance of my business.”

“Speak, then; I am all attention.”

“It concerns nothing less,” said D’Artagnan, lowering his voice, “than the honour, perhaps the life, of the queen.”

“What are you saying?” asked M. de Tréville, glancing round to see if they were alone, and then fixing his scrutinizing look upon D’Artagnan.

“I say, sir, that chance has rendered me master of a secret—”

“Which you will keep, I hope, young man, with your life.”

“But which I must impart to you, sir, for you alone can assist me in the mission I have just received from her Majesty.”

“Is this secret your own?”

“No, sir; it is the queen’s.”

“Keep your secret, young man, and tell me what you wish.”

“I wish you to obtain for me, from M. des Essarts, leave of absence for a fortnight.”


“This very night.”

“You are leaving Paris?”

“I am going on a mission.”

“May you tell me where?”

“To London.”

“Has any one an interest in preventing you reaching there?”

“The cardinal, I believe, would give anything in the world to hinder me from succeeding.”

“And you are going alone?”

“I am going alone.”

  By PanEris using Melati.

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