“I got it out of him,” said Fledgeby, with a stammer.

“You seem to see a good deal of him,” remarked Miss Wren, with shrewd distrust. “A good deal of him you seem to see, considering.”

“Yes, I do,” said Fledgeby. “Considering.”

“Haven’t you,” inquired the dressmaker, bending over the doll on which her art was being exercised, “done interceding with him yet?”

“No,” said Fledgeby, shaking his head.

“La! Been interceding with him all this time, and sticking to him still?” said Miss Wren, busy with her work.

“Sticking to him is the word,” said Fledgeby.

Miss Wren pursued her occupation with a concentrated air, and asked, after an interval of silent industry:

“Are you in the army?”

“Not exactly,” said Fledgeby, rather flattered by the question.

“Navy?” asked Miss Wren.

“N—no,” said Fledgeby. He qualified these two negatives, as if he were not absolutely in either service, but was almost in both.

“What are you then?” demanded Miss Wren.

“I am a gentleman, I am,” said Fledgeby.

“Oh!” assented Jenny, screwing up her mouth with an appearance of conviction. “Yes, to be sure! That accounts for your having so much time to give to interceding. But only to think how kind and friendly a gentleman you must be!”

Mr Fledgeby found that he was skating round a board marked Dangerous, and had better cut out a fresh track. “Let’s get back to the dodgerest of the dodgers,” said he. “What’s he up to in the case of your friend the handsome gal? He must have some object. What’s his object?”

“Cannot undertake to say, sir, I am sure!” returned Miss Wren, composedly.

“He won’t acknowledge where she’s gone,” said Fledgeby; “and I have a fancy that I should like to have another look at her. Now I know he knows where she is gone.”

“Cannot undertake to say, sir, I am sure!” Miss Wren again rejoined.

“And you know where she is gone,” hazarded Fledgeby.

“Cannot undertake to say, sir, really,” replied Miss Wren.

The quaint little chin met Mr Fledgeby’s gaze with such a baffling hitch, that that agreeable gentleman was for some time at a loss how to resume his fascinating part in the dialogue. At length he said:

“Miss Jenny! — That’s your name, if I don’t mistake?”

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