“Oh! dear me, sir, it’s quite clean, I assure you,” cried the girl, dropping a curtesy.

Dr. Middleton, who sat between the bed and Mr. Easy’s chair, rubbed his hands and laughed.

In the meantime, Mr. Easy had untied the string and taken off the cap of the young woman, and was very busy putting his fingers through her hair, during which the face of the young woman expressed fear and astonishment.

“I am glad to perceive that you have a large portion of benevolence.”

“Yes,” replied the young woman, dropping a curtesy.

“And veneration also.”

“Thanky, sir.”

“And the organ of modesty is strongly developed.”

“Yes, sir,” replied the girl, with a smile.

“That’s quite a new organ,” thought Dr. Middleton.

“Philo-progenitiveness very powerful.”

“If you please, sir, I don’t know what that is,” answered Sarah with a curtesy.

“Nevertheless you have given us a practical illustration. Mrs. Easy, I am satisfied. Have you any questions to ask? But it is quite unnecessary.”

“To be sure I have, Mr. Easy. Pray, young woman, what is your name?”

“Sarah, if you please, ma’am.”

“How long have you been married?”

“Married, ma’am?”

“Yes, married.”

“If you please, ma’am, I had a misfortune, ma’am,” replied the girl, casting down her eyes.

“What, have you not been married?”

“No, ma’am, not yet.”

“Good heavens! Dr. Middleton, what can you mean by bringing this person here?” exclaimed Mrs. Easy. “Not a married woman, and she has a child!”

“If you please, ma’am,” interrupted the young woman, dropping a curtesy, “it was a very little one.”

“A very little one!” exclaimed Mrs. Easy.

“Yes, ma’am, very small indeed, and died soon after it was born.”

“Oh, Dr. Middleton!—what could you mean, Dr. Middleton?”

“My dear madam,” exclaimed the Doctor, rising from his chair, “this is the only person that I could find suited to the wants of your child, and if you do not take her, I cannot answer for its life. It is true, that a

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