Nostromo is one of Conrad’s finest works and is also one of the few which is set upon land. It was published in 1904 and concerns primarily the corrupting influence of money or in this case silver. The novel is set in the fictional South American country of Costaguana. We learn of a local legend in the province of Sulaco about the disappearance of two thieving ‘gringos’ who haunt the mountains due to their greed. We meet Charles Gould, who controls a silver mine and is trying to save it from the corrupt government. It is a time of political unrest and the dictator Ribiera flees. In this atmosphere, Gould becomes obsessed with saving the silver from the mine and emplys Decoud and Dr Monygham to aid him. They turn to Nostromo, a popular hero of sorts, who sails with the Decoud to hide the treasure but disaster strikes and they collide with an enemy boat. They arrive on an island and Decoud remains to protect it. However, he goes insane alone on the island and shoots himself before drowning, tied to a great quantity of silver. As the novel progresses we focus on Nostromo’s unwise romance with his friend Viola’s daughters. It contains very perceptive portraits of both heroes and anti-heroes and of the guilt that punishes the selfish, the greedy and the foolish. Many consider it to be Conrad’s most important novel.

Table of contents
Author's Note
Part 1
Part I, Chapter 1
Part I, Chapter 2
Part I, Chapter 3
Part I, Chapter 4
Part I, Chapter 5
Part I, Chapter 6
Part I, Chapter 7
Part I, Chapter 8
Part 2
Part II, Chapter 1
Part II, Chapter 2
Part II, Chapter 3
Part II, Chapter 4
Part II, Chapter 5
Part II, Chapter 6
Part II, Chapter 7
Part II, Chapter 8
Part 3
Part III, Chapter 1
Part III, Chapter 2
Part III, Chapter 3
Part III, Chapter 4
Part III, Chapter 5
Part III, Chapter 6
Part III, Chapter 7
Part III, Chapter 8
Part III, Chapter 9
Part III, Chapter 10
Part III, Chapter 11
Part III, Chapter 12
Part III, Chapter 13

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