Peter and Paul

"As I was saying," the Other Professor resumed, "if you'll just think over any Poem, that contains the words----such as

  • 'Peter is poor,' said noble Paul,
  • 'And I have always been his friend:
  • And, though my means to give are small,
  • At least I can afford to lend.
  • How few, in this cold age of greed,
  • Do good, except on selfish grounds!
  • But I can feel for Peter's need,

  • How great was Peter's joy to find
  • His friend in such a genial vein!
  • How cheerfully the bond he signed,
  • To pay the money back again!
  • 'We ca'n't,' said Paul, 'be too precise:
  • 'Tis best to fix the very day:
  • So, by a learned friend's advice,
  • I've made it Noon, the Fourth of May.'
Illustration:How cheefully the bond he signed!

  • But this is April! Peter said.
  • 'The First of April, as I think.
  • Five little weeks will soon be fled:
  • One scarcely will have time to wink!
  • Give me a year to speculate--
  • To buy and sell--to drive a trade--'
  • Said Paul 'I cannot change the date.
  • On May the Fourth it must be paid.'

  • 'Well, well!' said Peter, with a sigh.
  • 'Hand me the cash, and I will go.
  • I'll form a Joint-Stock Company,
  • And turn an honest pound or so.'
  • 'I'm grieved,' said Paul, 'to seem unkind:
  • The money shalt of course be lent:
  • But, for a week or two, I find
  • It will not be convenient.'

  • So, week by week, poor Peter came
  • And turned in heaviness away;
  • For still the answer was the same,
  • 'I cannot manage it to-day.'
  • And now the April showers were dry--
  • The five short weeks were nearly spent--
  • Yet still he got the old reply,
  • 'It is not quite convenient!'

  • The Fourth arrived, and punctual Paul
  • Came, with his legal friend, at noon.
  • 'I thought it best,' said he, 'to call:
  • One cannot settle things too soon.'
  • Poor Peter shuddered in despair:
  • His flowing locks he wildly tore:
  • And very soon his yellow hair
  • Was lying all about the floor.

  • The legal friend was standing by,
  • With sudden pity half unmanned:

  By PanEris using Melati.

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