Table of contents
Preface to First Edition  
Preface to Second Edition  
Preface to the Revised Edition  
Chapter 1 Waste Lands  
Chapter 2 In the Wool-Shed  
Chapter 3 Up the River  
Chapter 4 The Saddle  
Chapter 5 The River and the Range  
Chapter 6 Into Erewhon  
Chapter 7 First Impressions  
Chapter 8 In Prison  
Chapter 9 To the Metropolis  
Chapter 10 Current Opinions  
Chapter 11 Some Erewhonian Trials  
Chapter 12 Malcontents  
Chapter 13 The Views of the Erewhonians concerning Death  
Chapter 14 Mahaina  
Chapter 15 The Musical Banks  
Chapter 16 Arowhena  
Chapter 17 Ydgrun and the Ydgrunites  
Chapter 18 Birth Formulae  
Chapter 19 The World of the Unborn  
Chapter 20 What They Mean by It  
Chapter 21 The Colleges of Unreason  
Chapter 22 The Colleges of Unreason—continued  
Chapter 23 The Book of the Machines  
Chapter 24 The Book of the Machines—continued  
Chapter 25 The Book of the Machines—concluded  
Chapter 26 The Views of an Erewhonian Prophet concerning the Rights of Animals  
Chapter 27 The Views of an Erewhonian Philosopher concerning the Rights of Vegetables  
Chapter 28 Escape  
Chapter 29 Conclusion  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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